New Syride firmware and SYS PC Tool upgrades!

Syride have released new firmware for their SYS'Nav V3 and SYS'GPS ultralight all-in-one flight instruments, and upgraded SYS PC Tool software, to bring pilots some great new added features, as well as some bug fixes and improvements!

  • Added GOTO feature (20 nearest waypoints)

  • Added visual vario indicator (barograph)

  • Added customizable vario frequency (sound)

  • Added customizable max vario frequency value (e.g. 6m/s)

  • Added filter to the recorded vario (website, flight info)

  • Added "NO GPS" on MAP screen when GPS position unknown

  • ...

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Advance LIGHTNESS 2 Reviews

The Advance LIGHTNESS 2 is a lightweight harness for paragliding cross country enthusiasts. Having tested ours for a full season, we're ready to report on the pros and cons of this exceptional pod harness.

Weighing just 2.95kg in the medium size, it offers a significant weight-saving when compared to most full-featured coccoon-style harnesses, yet it retains all of the functionality.

We consider its suitability for hike-and-fly explorers and inspect the durability displayed by our frequently flown test unit.  

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BHPA Emergency Parachute Conference

Flybubble attended the Emergency Parachute Conference hosted by the BHPA in November 2015.

In the last ten years, the types and variety of systems has grown from the traditional round canopies, to the revival of the Rogallo types and the recent emergence of square reserves and cut away systems. This event covered the full range of systems with talks and practical demonstrations so that all participants are better briefed on this wide range.

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Advance PI 2 (ultralight mountain wing)

Enjoy the freedom and the versatility – in the air and on the ground.

The new PI 2 is available in four sizes - 16 (from 2.07 kg), 19 (from 2.36 kg), 23 (from 2.74 kg) and 27 (from 3.11 kg), with the choice of light or standard risers.

Thanks to three different weight ranges per size this is one of the most versatile paragliders. Use it for thermal flying, Hike & Fly, or as a Mini Wing.

First deliveries will be made just before Christmas 2015.

More information on the Advance PI 2 >

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Nova Speedbrake Riser

Nova introduce the Speedbrake Riser: "The NOVA Speedbrake Riser is the first three-liner riser which permits the glider to be accelerated as well as decelerated. It brings an end to pulling the C-lines, which killed performance.

We developed the NOVA Speedbrake Riser in conjunction with our team pilot Robert Schaller, an applied science student and enthusiastic cross-country pilot. The B and C risers are connected using a flexible strap. If the C-risers are pulled back, the B-risers are also reduced in length. The result is a perfect, crease-free deceleration.

The Speedbrake Riser provides new possibilities for performance-orientated XC-pilots!"

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Syride SYS’Nav V3 Tips

The Syride SYS'NAV V3 is a lightweight flight instrument packed with features.

This growing resource collects tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your instrument.

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Skywalk Range X-Alps vs Kortel Kolibri

The RANGE X-ALPS is an ultralight competition harness designed for the RedBull X-Alps 2015. It has an eye-catching aerodynamic rear fin and a narrow fit, offering maximum performance through reduced drag.

Pilots competing in hike-and-fly races will be excited by the news, but is it suitable for the wider adventure-flying market, or even as a regular harness for experienced XC pilots wanting to minimise?

As such it competes with our current favourite for bivi pilots, the Kortel Kolibri. In this review we compare the two and highlight advantages to help you decide which one is right for you.

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Coupe Icare 2015 Roundup

The Coupe Icare is the biggest festival of the international paragliding community. The exhibition is held in St. Hilaire du Touvet, an alpine hamlet near Grenoble, France.

All the major brands vie for attention with dazzling displays, exciting new releases and news of promising developments.

The Flybubble crew spent a productive weekend with our trade partners finding out what’s new in the world of freeflight manufacturing.


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Nova's new EN/LTF B certified lightweight wing, the MENTOR 4 LIGHT is perfect for vol bivouac, hike & fly and travellers looking for a fully-fledged wing with little weight.

The MENTOR 4 LIGHT offers the same performance as the MENTOR 4 combined with minimal weight. Weighing just 3.25 kilograms (size XXS) it has lost some pounds in comparison to its predecessor. This wing offers a unique package of performance, flying comfort and minimal weight.

The wing will be available from the end of September in the sizes XXS, XS, S and M. Order yours now!

Find out more about the MENTOR 4 LIGHT >

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