Advance LIGHTNESS 2 speedbag line kit

Some Advance LIGHTNESS 2 harness owners have reported excessive wear of the lower speedbag lines, near the stainless steel line guide attached to the footplate - see images. In case your LIGHTNESS 2 suffers from this, Advance offer a free retrofit Speedbag Line Kit for the LIGHTNESS 2 which you can order direct from Advance and fit yourself. Email Advance at, giving your postal address, harness serial number and speedbag size, and they will send you the kit with instructions included.

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British Paragliding Cup winnners!

Congratulations to the pilots who placed well in the final round of the British Paragliding Cup! The Top 10 received a Flybubble gift voucher for use on

1 - David Thomson
2 - Chris Blanchard
3 - Tony Blacker
4 - Alan Ford
5 - Anthony Moore
6 - Simon Blake
7 - Carl Foster
8 - Adam Ladd
9 - John Murphy
10 - Brad Nicholas

For more about the event see the BPCup website

For the latest news and images see the BPCup facebook group  

(Pictured, Carl Foster)

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Safety Notice: Gin Combi Container

A few handles have been found to have insufficient stitching which could result in the handle tearing during use, so Gin Gliders are recalling the entire production batch to ensure that the safety of pilots is guaranteed. If you bought one from us after June 2014, contact us for a replacement rescue handle (free of charge).

Read the full safety notice >

More info on the Gin Combi Container >

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New Syride SYS’Nav v3

The best selling Syride SYS'Nav has been upgraded with the latest technology.

Thanks to an internal SD card, the SYS'Nav V3 now embeds worldwide topography and airspaces. This means the total weight of the unit, including SD card, has gone up very slightly, from 83 to 90 grams - still the lightest fully-featured dedicated all-in-one flight instrument around!

Latest generation electronic components give the SYS'Nav V3 almost twice the autonomy of its predecessor, upgrading from 25h to 45h, a real advantage for pilots for such a small and lightweight instrument.

Despite it's small size (the same as the original SYS'Nav) the SYS'Nav V3 can hold 1500 hours of flight logs, 25000 waypoints and 150 routes.

Other SYS'Nav V3 features include G-meter, navigation features (goto, routes), thermal sniffer and customisable screens. Due to it's small size and built-in hook and loop fastener straps, the SYS'Nav V3 can be mounted on risers, legs, cockpits or tandem spreaders.

The price of the SYS'Nav V3 remains the same as its predecessor, £299, also making it exceptional value for money.

Available from UK Syride dealers. Find out more about the Syride SYS'Nav V3 >

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XC Secrets: Cracking 200km in the UK

Carlo Borsattino has been flying XC for over 20 years, and has a reputation for his ability to stay aloft for hours even in the weakest conditions. But it takes more than patience to fly over 200km in the UK.

He analyses the technical challenges, tactical moves and saved mistakes that helped him to achieve his personal best distance.

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Big XC? No Hotship Required

Although having more performance helps, you don't have to fly an Advanced or Competition wing to achieve your Big XC dreams. The gliding and climbing ability of the modern Performance Class (mid EN C) is now remarkable! 

Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than Carlo Borsattino's recent performance on his Artik 4. 

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Niviuk Skin P Review

The Niviuk Skin P is an incredibly light single-surface wing with some technical innovations that help to keep its shape intact. But does it really work as a paraglider, or is it just a gimmick?

Greg Hamerton tries it out ...

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XPYRIENCE: A volbiv adventure

What's it like taking on the mountains with nothing but an aircraft that runs on air?

Greg Hamerton attempts a solo traverse of the Pyrenees via paraglider and discovers the magnitude and magic of a road less travelled.

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XC Secrets: Cloudsuck

In the UK we often fly near clouds, because the airmass is usually moist and the cloudbase is low. Small cumulus clouds can be fun, but large ones can become a problem.

How can you tell the difference?

Greg Hamerton analyses a recent XC flight that became a little too lifty. 

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