Safety Notice: Supair Delight harness reserve extraction

Sup'Air have issued an safety warning for their Delight harness...

Sup'Air DELIGHT harness

We have noticed possible reserve parachute extraction issues on this model.
The reserve parachute extraction can be influenced by multiple factors described as follows :

  • The reserve parachute's volume.

  • How fully packed the reserve parachute containers adjacent storage pockets are.

  • The direction the handle pull is pulled.

Our tests and feedbacks by test-pilots have demonstrated that the extraction made with certain models was facilitated by using removable foam pads placed inside the reserve parachute pocket.

You can contact your SUP'AIR dealer (who you bought your Delight harness from) or SUP'AIR FRANCE directly to receive the reserve parachute container foam PADS free of charge.
You absolutely must conduct an extraction sequence during a hang-test simulating a full flight mode ( storage pocket filled with your backpack, clothing and miscellaneous items… ).

We will ask to all DELIGHT owners to install those removable pads if necessary to validate a correct reserve parachute extraction procedure.

Download the Safety Warning (PDF, 634KB)

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Air Turquoise refuse to test competition wings

Following CIVL's decision to create a new paraglider competition class from 2015, one of the main paraglider certification houses, Air Turquoise in Switzerland, has come to a decision to immediately stop certification of what they are calling "Gun" competition (aka 'high-end D') paragliders...

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Reducing Risk for Free-Flyers (series)

Free-flyers are exposed to many risks. By identifying the greatest danger, you can make an effort to increase your safety margins in other areas. By examining each element of risk in turn—Weather, Wing, Gear, Sites, Ability, Knowledge—in a series of articles, we hope to provide some insight into reducing your risk.

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Flybubble Spain Guided Paragliding Trips 2013

For qualified paraglider pilots looking for a guided flying trip where they can get maximum AIRTIME, without general flying, thermalling or XC instruction from Flybubble. Guided trips run from September to June each year.

  • 31 August - 07 September 2013 - Fully booked

  • 14 - 21 September 2013 - Fully booked

  • 21 - 28 September 2013 - Fully booked

  • 16 - 23 November 2013 - Fully booked

  • 30 November - 07 December 2013

Book your place on a Guided Paragliding Trip in Spain!

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SHGC XC League 2012 Winners

The 2012 Southern Hang Gliding Club (SHGC) cross country (XC) season wasn't the best in terms of the number of XC-able days, especially in the south of the United Kingdom (there seemed to be quite a bit more "Oop North" this year) but then there were some real corkers on some days. Many pilots managed to achieve first XCs and personal bests, some big XC flights dreamt of for many years became a reality (and then some), and even a long-standing British XC record was broken!

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Flybubble Spain AIRTIME & XC Trips :: 20 October to 4 November 2012

This paragliding trip is aimed at paraglider pilots looking to hone their general flying, thermaling and XC skills whilst getting maximum quality AIRTIME. Expand your flight horizons!

We're running two weeks of AIRTIME & XC trips:

  • First Week: 20-27 October 2012 - FULL

  • Second Week: 27 Oct - 4 Nov 2012 - FULL

  • Both Weeks: 20 Oct - 4 Nov 2012 - FULL

You can book the first, second or both weeks!

Book your place now through our Online Shop

Read Pilot Feedback, see Photos and watch Videos from our previous trips.

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