Memory-Map OS 1:50k GB 2014 HD

High definition OS Landranger 1:50,000 maps for the whole of Great Britain. Use these detailed OS maps to plan walks, mountain bike trails, print your own maps and program routes and waypoints into a GPS.

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Supair Safety Notice: Harness-Reserve Handles E2 & E2L

A few reserve parachute deployment handles on the following Supair harnesses had a manufacturing defect: SKYPPER, EVO XC2, SHAMANE and SHAMANE FR. If you have one of these harnesses then you should download, read and act upon the full safety warning dated 15/04/2014...

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Flying Story: Winter At Cloudbase

I like to be prepared. When I got my heated gloves as a prize from Flybubble last August I stashed them in the glovebox of my car, so they were there, ready for a cold snap. I mean, if they are in the car, I can’t forget them, right?

I get to Crete Road (DFHGC) to find pilots in the air with good height; it looks a bit ‘up & down’ but hey!

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