Naviter Oudie Paragliding Tips

The Oudie for paragliding is a powerful all-in-one flight instrument, specially designed for freeflight. Although it can be used straight out of the box, to get the most out of the Oudie you need to spend time reading the manual and learning how it works - just like any other flight instrument or software!

The following tips, compiled by the Flybubble crew, are meant as a supplement (not replacement) to the manual.

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Get the Edge: Prepare For Your First Paragliding Competition

Many paraglider pilots are interested in cross country flying, from those who have just received their XC licence (in the UK, the BHPA Pilot Rating) to experienced pilots with a desire to explore. After some time doing XC, pilots often decide to enter a competition to test themselves, to fly a new site with support or just to try something new. This article aims to helps you get the edge in your first competition, based on my experience.

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Sup’Air Skypper FR: Special Offer!

The fantastic Sup'Air Skypper FR harness is flown by many discerning XC and competition pilots. These include ex World Champion Charles Cazaux (who worked with Sup'Air to develop this model) and European vice champion Clement Latour. The Skypper FR integrates state of the art technologies: two reserve parachute pockets, high speed stability, superb handling abilities in thermals, streamlined and reduced drag. The Skypper FR harness is delivered fully set up (ready to fly).

Normal price £1495.
Special limited offer: £945 (save £550!)

Order yours here

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Flymaster Live SD: Review and Tips

The Flymaster Live SD is a top-of-the-range flight instrument offering advanced competition features and live tracking. Flybubble Team Pilot PHIL CLARK checks out the features and offers advice on getting the most out of this great unit.

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Gin Genie Race 3 harness

The Gin Genie Race 3 is the new racing harness from Gin Gliders. It is significantly lighter than the Race 2 and uses Edelrid buckles to allow thin webbing straps to be used.

It was designed and developed by PWC Champion Aaron Durogati. In developing the new racing harness, the Gin team used extensive wind tunnel testing and incorporated input from respected aerodynamicist and competition pilot Adrian Thomas to create a design that offers maximum performance by reducing drag forces in the cleanest profile flow ever produced by Gin.

The harness includes useful features like a hook knife in the shoulder pocket and big zip pockets on the side. It has a front mounted reserve, and second reserve beneath the seat, secured with plastic wire pin releases and a magnetic closure flap.

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SAFETY NOTICE: Woody Valley buckles

Woody Valley have issued an important Safety Notice regarding their buckles:

"Dear friend!
We need to inform you we are experiencing unwanted openings of some of our light automatic buckles located on the main chest strap of our harnesses. For a matter of safety, we decided to write a safety note that will be published by the DHV.

There are about 12000 harnesses equipped with this kind of buckle and so far we’ve registered problems only with the "07/13" and "08/13" batches.
For the records, "07/13" and "08/13" are the month/year production date engraved on our buckles. Company policy will be exclusively for a prompt and free buckle replacement.
We apologise for the inconvenience and we thank you in advance for your precious cooperation in managing this issue as professionally as we can.
BR, Woody Valley staff"

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