Beamer 2 steerable Rogallo reserve parachute

Swiss company High Adventure have released the Beamer 2, a new version of their 1995 classic rogallo steerable reserve parachute.

To get around one of the major drawbacks of steerable reserves, the Beamer 2 features a 2-phase opening and steering system. On opening, it is in the brakes-on position and acts a bit like a classic round canopy, with reduced forward movement (in case it opens near to cliffs or other objects). But use the brakes and they release, the Beamer II becoming a steerable Rogallo wing with good forward glide...

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Advance Newsletter :: Advance XC Serial Team

ADVANCE has set itself the goal of getting amongst the leaders in the 2011 Online Cross Country Competition using serial gliders, and this is why we founded an international cross country team, the Advance XC Serial Team. There are 19 pilots for 2011, all flying serial gliders in the same special colour scheme, who each mean to do well in the FAI World XC contest...

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Gin Gliders Safari Tandem Package

The Safari tandem package is a dream come true for professional tandem pilots and leisure pilots alike. Glider, pilot and passenger harnesses, light tandem rescue and accessories have all been developed together to achieve perfect synergy. Tandem flight has never before been so luxurious!

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Gin Gliders Sprint Evo Design Philosophy Video

Gin Seok Song explains the design philosophy of the EN-B Sprint Evo.  Watch the Sprint Evo in action and hear Gin Seok Song talk about the design philosophy of the wing.  Beautiful shots of the Sprint Evo flying in the French Alps interspersed with factory footage from Korea.

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French Alps Paragliding XC Camp :: 12-16 May 2011 [FULLY BOOKED]

This will be a fantastic thermalling and cross country paragliding course based in the Chamonix Valley, in the northern French Alps, run in association with local paragliding experts Alpine Ascent. Take this perfect opportunity to hone your flying skills and go XC from fantastic alpine flying sites, with expert fly-guides and instructors!

You will be staying in a luxurious alpine chalet situated in the beautiful Chamonix Valley for the duration of your stay, with absolutely stunning views of Mont Blanc!

Trip Dates: Thursday 12th – Monday 16th May 2011


This trip is now fully booked. Book your place well in advance next time!


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Skywalk TEQUILA3: Series now complete!

Freerider TEQUILA3

Series now complete with sizes XS and XL...

Skywalk has now absolved the certification-flight tests for the Allrounder TEQUILA in sizes XS and XL. Just like the other TEQUILA sizes, the XS and XL now also have EN-B along with LTF-B certification.

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Jamie Messenger wins again on the Boomerang 8 in Germany

Jamie Messenger won the 'Franz Wanger Cup' at the Breitenberg, Germany. It was the first round of the German Nationals, and Jamie finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the three days to win comfortably.

Pilots enjoyed great racing conditions, with cloudbase up to 2800m and tasks of 55km to 89km. The Boomerang 8 excelled in the the strong valley winds and thermic conditions, as well as the very light end-of-day climbs on task 1.

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Niviuk Peak 2, a cross country wonder

Just two weeks ago Michael Kuffer on his Peak 2 took a magnificent second place overall at the 2011 Swiss Cup in Saleve. On the 18th May Michael quickly followed his competition success with an excellent 213km out and return cross country flight...

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