Low & Under from High & Over

The wind forecast was for light south easterlies, and the thermal forecast was looking good, so we went to SHGC flying site High and Over, near Seaford, hoping to fly and maybe even go XC.

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Ozone News Spring 2013

News from Ozone...

2013 is off to an exciting start here at Ozone, and we have quite a few new products now in production. Read on to find out more about our newest accessories...

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Skywalk Paragliders News

News from Skywalk Paragliders...
Starting into the new season!
Winter continues its hold on us, but we are certain that soon the first warm rays of the spring thermals will open the door and free our launch sites from their snowy cover. You will be optimally prepared for all conditions with the 2013 product range from skywalk!


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Sup’Air Safety Warning :: Delight harness reserve extraction

Sup'Air have issued an safety warning for their Delight harness...

Sup'Air DELIGHT harness

We have noticed possible reserve parachute extraction issues on this model.
The reserve parachute extraction can be influenced by multiple factors described as follows :

  • The reserve parachute's volume.

  • How fully packed the reserve parachute containers adjacent storage pockets are.

  • The direction the handle pull is pulled.

Our tests and feedbacks by test-pilots have demonstrated that the extraction made with certain models was facilitated by using removable foam pads placed inside the reserve parachute pocket.

You can contact your SUP'AIR dealer (who you bought your Delight harness from) or SUP'AIR FRANCE directly sav@supair.com to receive the reserve parachute container foam PADS free of charge.
You absolutely must conduct an extraction sequence during a hang-test simulating a full flight mode ( storage pocket filled with your backpack, clothing and miscellaneous items… ).

We will ask to all DELIGHT owners to install those removable pads if necessary to validate a correct reserve parachute extraction procedure.

Download the Safety Warning (PDF, 634KB)

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Gin Gliders 2013: new season, new technology, new Atlas

News from Gin Gliders:

We've had a great start to 2013—the Boomerang 9 has topped the podiums with wins for Aaron Durogati in the Paragliding World Cup Superfinal, Andre Rainsford in PWC South Africa and GIN test pilot Kaoru "Ogi" Ogisawa in the Japanese league.

Much of the success of the Boomerang 9 is due to our new EPT technology. And this technology is now available to all pilots in the Atlas, our new easy EN B wing.

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