Supair EONA: first impressions

We were excited to receive the new EN A wing for new pilots by Supair, the EONA, for testing. Although Supair has been manufacturing paragliding equipment since 1984 (!) they are relatively very new to the wing market, launching their first paraglider, the tandem SORA, in early 2014. Carlo was very impressed by the SORA, and it has been a great success with tandem pilots around the world, so we were keen to see what Supair would come up with their first EN A wing.

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UK Paragliding 2014 XC Season Summary

After what seemed like an 'endless summer' in the United Kingdom, the paragliding cross country flying season appears to have finally come to a somewhat unwelcome end for 2014 - and what a hugely eventful year it proved to be! However, just because it's warmer than usual doesn't necessarily mean it's better for XC flying. So what kind of year was it for flying XC on paragliders in the UK - not just the few 'Sky Gods' but the many 'mere mortals' too? One way to gauge this is by looking that the UK National Paragliding XC League, and hearing from the pilots, of all levels, who took part.

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Traffic Rules: Thermalers vs Soarers

Who Has Right Of Way?

When soaring a hang-glider or paraglider, there is a simple rule that dictates the traffic flow – follow the ridge with the slope close on your right, return with the slope farther away to your left. This adheres to the international standard: when approaching an aircraft, avoid a collision by turning to pass on the right.

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Advance SIGMA 9 Paraglider Reviews

Advance Sigma 9 review (Carlo Borsattino)

First flights review of the Advance SIGMA 9 by Carlo Borsattino, MD & CFI of Flybubble.

The Sigma 9 is an easy, solid feeling, agile XC wing with good performance for the class. Very easy ground handling, great for kiting back up the slope. The speed system is noticeably lighter than the Sigma 8; it’s also noticeably more solid on full bar.

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A Supair Evening

THE REAL STORY with X-Alps sensation, Clément Latour. Including a screening of Clement's X-Alps film A Long Way.

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SHGC Paragliding XC League 2013 Winners

SHGC XC League 2013 Winners

The 2013 Southern Hang Gliding Club (SHGC) cross country (XC) season was a big improvement on 2012, as the numbers in the SHGC XC Leagues clearly show:
In 2012, 28 paraglider pilots entered 116 flights and flew a total distance of 2896.17km.
In 2013, 32 paraglider pilots entered 186 flights and flew a total distance of 5601.70km.

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