Course Dates

Our Flying Start courses in Spain run from September to June. July and August are just TOO HOT – even for the locals!

Dates for our Flying Start Courses in Southern Spain 2012-2013

Our Flying Start courses in Spain run all year round except July, when it can often be TOO HOT – even for the locals!

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Course Costs

Costs of our Flying Start courses in southern Spain are as follows…

Costs of our Flying Start Courses in Southern Spain

Book your place on a Flying Start course in Spain!Costs of our Flying Start courses in southern Spain are as follows: 

  • Elementary Pilot Course (EPC): £715 (6 days)

  • Club Pilot Course (CPC): £799 (6 days)

  • Elementary + Club Pilot Course (EP+CPC): £1485 (12 days)

The cost includes: Airport transfers (on transfer days only), 7 nights shared accommodation, 6 days instruction (practical and theory), tandem instruction if required, basic paragliding equipment (paraglider, harness, helmet, radio), transportation to training and flying sites, fuel costs, use of training sites and flying sites. 

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Southern Club Summer Bash, 1st September 2012

So what's happening this year?

Southern Club Summer Bash, 1st September 2012

So, we are getting closer to the Southern Club Summer Bash.  I hope you're all duly excited, as it's going to be a blast.  So what's happening this year?

Well the party will be kicking off around 6pm with some fun & games, the rubber lunge and pop up tent competition making a welcome come back, as well as an exciting surprise game – more details to follow. 

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Flybubble Newsletter July 2012

Flybubble Newsletter July 2012

The July 2012 edition of the Flybubble newsletter is OUT, bursting with enthusiasm for flying in Sussex, flying in Spain, flying in South Africa, or just flying by clicking your cursor on some eye candy. We investigate ways in which you can increase your ability, even when it's windy.

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Reports 5 July – Foot or Flybubble 2012

Reports from Greg Hamerton and Ed Bewley, who set the pace for the Foot or Flybubble by blazing a massive hiking trail of marathon proportions…

5 July Greg (Beachy to H&O)

Report from Greg Hamerton: a great start from Beachy Head, but tragedy strikes on route to High & Over…

On a sunny day, there’s nothing better than lying in the grass on Beachy Head with some friends, waiting for the breeze to come in off the sea.

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Report 13th June – Foot or Flybubble 2012

An analysis of flying the course from Bo Peep to Caburn…

Report 13th June (Bo Peep-Firle-Caburn)

Greg reports: It was forecast for light NE winds on RASP so I headed for Bo Peep. I launched, went to the far end of the ridge to test the air, and saw a pilot flying at High & Over. 

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8th July Phil Clark’s Story – Foot or Flybubble 2012

Phil Clark goes into the mists to discover the way to Truleigh and beyond …

8 July Phil Clark (Truleigh to Ditchling)

Sun in front of Truleigh

Sun in front of Truleigh

Made a decision to start the day at the Dyke, seemed like a good idea at the time, learning point number 1. My choice of route was based on the forecast for increasing W in the wind. 

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15th July stories – Foot or Flybubble 2012

Ed does it again! Beating his own marathon hiking record, he adds a few flown kilometres onto a (very) long walk, completing half the course! John braves crazy South Africans and rain showers to get the Truleigh run in the bag.

15 July Ed Bewley (Truleigh to Beachy Head)

Story of attempt No.

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Event Roundup & Results – Foot or Flybubble 2012

The Foot or Flybubble opened with a whoosh. SW 45 km/h. Greg Hamerton posted a tracklog at Firle that simply said ‘bah’.

The sun came out on the 5th, so Greg and Tracy headed for Beachy Head. Greg made it to Birling Gap and jogged on to High and Over, which is where his legs decided to part company, concerned about the sanity of their host.

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