1. Advance SUCCESS 4 paragliding harness review

    Advance SUCCESS 4 paragliding harness review

    The Advance SUCCESS 4 has just arrived at Flybubble! Carlo says: "I'm very impressed by the build quality, passive safety, comfort, low weight and packing volume, practical ease of use, well thought out reserve system, attention to detail and comprehensive package of the SUCCESS 4. Although the price is high for a standard (non pod) harness, when you consider what you get for your money and that the excellent protection it offers could help prevent injury then I think the price is justified. Properly looked after, this harness could last much more than 10 years."

  2. Advance EPSILON 8 paraglider review

    Advance EPSILON 8 paraglider review

    The Advance EPSILON 8 is a recreational 'mid' EN B wing, intended for pilots with a year or more of flying experience but who still want security and simplicity in their flying. It comes in above the entry-level Alpha 6 and below the high-performance Iota. Greg Hamerton tested the wing in varied conditions, including a 100 km XC flight. 

  3. Advance International Dealers' Meeting

    Advance International Dealers' Meeting

    Nancy and Carlo from Flybubble were invited to attend the Advance dealer meeting held on 27 and 28 January 2016 in the small, snow covered village of Murren. 60 dealers and importers from around the world attended. A lot was crammed into the two days, including several workshops and some flying time to try out the new Advance wings.

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