1. Advance EASINESS 3 paragliding harness review (2)

    Advance EASINESS 3 paragliding harness review (2)

    The Advance Easiness 3 is a very high quality mainstream 'hike and fly' harness that's also suitable for beginners, and those with more general flying experience but new to the hike & fly genre. It also provides a myriad of other possibilities, for "travel and fly" or cycling to sites, for example. If you're interested in this sort of harness, read on…

  2. Advance EASINESS 3 harness review (1)

    Advance EASINESS 3 harness review (1)

    The Advance EASINESS 3 is a lightweight reversible mountain paragliding harness/rucksack with split-legs design, and a removable EN/LTF-certified airbag with integrated reserve container under the seat. Amongst its competitors, the EASINESS 3 is surprisingly not the most expensive and one of the lightest, which is remarkable given the robust construction and refined appearance. It's only 2.3 kg in the M size: rucksack and harness. On your back it will make your paragliding kit appear to be as compact as a hiker's bag. But what's it like to use, down on the ground and up in the air? We put it to the test to find out...

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