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  1. Skytraxx Beacon (flight alarm and tracker)

    Skytraxx Beacon (flight alarm and tracker)

    The Skytraxx Beacon is an Electronic Conspicuity (EC) device designed to alert other aircraft to your presence, and to record your flights in IGC file format. It looks very simple, with just an On/Off switch, two LED indicators and a micro USB port. The two LEDs cover charging and status. The charging port is used by a large number of smartphones, and a charger used for them can be used on the Beacon.

  2. Free Flight Instruments FAQ

    Free Flight Instruments FAQ

    Got a question relating to freeflight instruments not answered in the user manual? We've compiled a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers relating to freeflight instruments, including vario-only varios, alti-varios and alti-vario-gps combos. For brand or model specific questions or support, it's generally best to contact the manufacturer's support team directly, since no one knows them better than they do and it's likely they've been asked your question before.

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