1. Safety Notice: Kortel T-Bone link

    Safety Notice: Kortel T-Bone link

    In randomized tests on the strength of T-Bones links, Kortel found a break at between 16 and 18KN. There is no immediate safety risk for solo use of T-Bone link harnesses/risers or even rescue/rescue risers. However, due to their non-compliance with the 24KN announced, Kortel are recalling and exchanging all T-Bone links delivered as a stand-alone product or with the Kruyer III since October 2019.

  2. Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS vs Kortel Kolibri

    Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS vs Kortel Kolibri

    The RANGE X-ALPS is an ultralight competition harness designed for the Red Bull X-Alps 2015. It has an eye-catching aerodynamic rear fin and a narrow fit, offering maximum performance through reduced drag. Pilots competing in hike-and-fly races will be excited by the news, but is it suitable for the wider adventure-flying market, or even as a regular harness for experienced XC pilots wanting to minimise? As such it competes with our current favourite for bivi pilots, the Kortel Kolibri. In this review we compare the two and highlight advantages to help you decide which one is right for you.

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