1. Ozone Mantra M7 Review

    Ozone Mantra M7 Review

    The Mantra M7 fits well in Ozone's paraglider range midway between the Delta 3 (EN C) and the Zeno (two-liner EN D). What's it like to fly, and who should buy one?

  2. Ozone OZIUM 2 (Ultralight pod harness review)

    Ozone OZIUM 2 (Ultralight pod harness review)

    The Ozone Ozium 2 is an ultralight pod, meaning it comes in a class of sub 3kg pods, so weight is a key selling point. The design is more of a refinement of the Ozium 1. The Ozium 2 is a completely reclined style of pod harness. This flying position takes more getting used to, so is not recommended as a first pod harness.

  3. Ozone DELTA 3 (First Flights Review)

    Ozone DELTA 3 (First Flights Review)

    The Ozone DELTA 2 was a very popular wing in the Sports Class (EN C). I thought it was a joy to fly, ideal for exploring, adventuring, and having an absolute blast in the sky. Sensitive, sleek, stable and smooth, it was as Ozone promised – a truly superb wing. Could it be improved upon?

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