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  1. Gin Sprint 3 paraglider reviews

    Gin Sprint 3 paraglider reviews

    The Sprint 3 is Gin's new EN B paraglider, with an aspect ratio of 5.7, sitting between the Atlas and Carrera+ in their paragliding wing range. Flybubble's Carlo Borsattino flew the size M in punchy conditions. "It feels very solid and more like a higher aspect Atlas, than a lower aspect Carerra. It moves in a unified block. Easy launching, firm controls, moderate top speed but lots of accessible performance." Flybubble team pilot John Turczak flew the size L on the same day. "Entering thermals, once you bank the wing it moves very easily into them. The wing feels like it wants to be in the thermal." Read Carlo and John's reviews of the Gin Sprint 3 paraglider.

  2. Nova ION 4 paraglider reviews

    Nova ION 4 paraglider reviews

    The Ion 4 is Nova's new entry level EN B glider. It's suitable for talented beginners, but most pilots will enjoy its superb performance to safety ratio. With its lightweight concept it should also be a hit with the Hike & Fly market and those who just want a lighter pack. It can be ordered with student risers or with a speedbrake riser (for XC pilots wanting to steer on the rear risers without affecting the camber and spoiling performance). Greg and Simon at Flybubble tested the Ion 4 out. Read their reviews here.

  3. Advance IOTA paraglider reviews (first impressions)

    Advance IOTA paraglider reviews (first impressions)

    Reviews of the Advance IOTA paraglider by Carlo Borsattino and Greg Hamerton of Flybubble. The IOTA is the new XC class 'high-end EN B' wing from Advance Paragliders. It's designed to fit between the Progression class 'easy EN B' EPSILON 7 and the Sports class EN C rated SIGMA 9 in their range of paragliders. So what do Carlo and Greg from Flybubble make of it?

  4. Swing Mistral 7 v U-Turn Blacklight

    Swing Mistral 7 v U-Turn Blacklight

    Carlo Borsattino, Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) of Flybubble, flew the Swing Mistral 7 and U-Turn Blacklight a good amount in varied conditions (light, strong, smooth, turbulent, dynamic, thermic) within a few weeks of each other, so could draw a very good and clear comparison between them. Carlo compares the two 'High B' wings in this article.

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