The Flybubble CONCEPT will transform your time on the hill, it offers unrivalled fun, performance you just cannot compare with any known wing, safety that starts from the ground up, exceptional packing volume, light weight, and a unique cool factor. Your friends will be completely mystified. Get ahead of the pack. Get rid of your pack. Flying, as it was meant to be. With no extra hassle, no extra faff, just you and the sky. Step off into a new world of discovery, with the Flybubble CONCEPT.

The FLYBUBBLE CONCEPT is based on the latest fabric research which has produced a dimensionally stable transparent ripstop polyester weave. This fabric is in great demand, and unfortunately due to the high incidence of industrial espionage and theft the fabric remains at a premium, but we have a special introductory offer due to our favoured position in the marketplace which allows us to offer you an 'early bird' discount on this first production run.

The lines used on the Flybubble CONCEPT are indeed a spidersilk derivative. Well spotted. We do acknowledge that sorting out the lines can be somewhat challenging for a beginner, but there will be lots of interest from fellow pilots and doubtless there will be one helpful expert who can show you how to get it right. The most often overlooked benefit of the CONCEPT is that it allows you to bypass the expensive training school process because it is so inherently safe you can teach yourself, even if you have no flying sites near to you. To give yourself the best chance of getting airborne you should begin on a steep slope, preferably near some bushes of indeterminate depth positioned within your launch trajectory. This is purely to satisfy Health and Safety concerns.

In the unlikely event of you not receiving your CONCEPT in the post, we have a secure server where you can download the plans. It is possible to reconstruct the entire aerofoil using 3D printing technology. Be careful of other pilots when testing out your CONCEPT, depending on your skill level they might have real concerns about the position of your wing and be forced to take avoiding action. Because of the constant lift profile of the wing, the CONCEPT comes in only one size, another innovation brought to you by Flybubble.

You might come across some cheaper version on the online marketplaces, please be aware THESE ARE COPIES and are not authorised by Flybubble. We cannot guarantee your safety if you choose to buy such. We know that the construction of these models are variable. Some may be our initial prototypes which were constructed in a traditional paragliding factory but unfortunately the transparent fabric proved to be too difficult for the seamstresses to work with so we had to develop our own automated manufacturing process using lazer measuring and ultrasonic sensor stitching.