Flying Forecasts With Airspace And Notams!

Our developer Caedmon Mullin has released a great new feature on our forecasting tool, to help you plan your next epic flight. Flybubble Weather now shows AIRSPACE and NOTAMS. 

On the overview page, tap the AIRSPACE button to show the overlay, then increase the height to show relevant info up to this height. For XC flying, the minimum recommendation is 3500ft, but if the day is good you’ll need to check higher. In the example below, most of the sites near Brighton have no XC potential because the wind direction will take you straight into the big red prohibited airspace areas around Crawley.

Flybubble Weather: airspace detail

Leaving the airspace layer activated helps you identify the best XC opportunities as you move through the week. Once you’ve decided on your site and day, make sure you tap on the NOTAM button to get a complete picture of the airspace. NOTAMS (or ‘notices to airmen’) are temporary additional airspace restrictions, usually covering a small area over limited time periods. They are very important! Often warning you of skydiving activity, formation flights, unmanned aircraft, lazer testing, you name it. Things you’re better off avoiding.

Flybubble Weather will detect any NOTAMS that cover your site when you’re on the Site Detail page, and you’ll see a handy warning pop up. Click on the grey or red NOTAM area to get more information.  

Flybubble Weather: notam detail

This is a labour of love for us and we’re always working on making it better because we want you to fly more. We’ve updated a lot of site information and continually improve the system as we receive feedback. We’re most interested about the match between forecasts and flyability, so if you get to a ‘flyable’ site and it isn’t so, let us know! 

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