Bridle Hook Knife with Pouch

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Compact stainless-steel bridle hook knife with moving blade and purpose-made holding pouch. Useful in case of emergencies!

Compact stainless-steel bridle hook knife with pupose-made holding pouch.

Useful to have in case of emergencies!

The Bridle Knife

Stainless-steel single blade bridle hook knife with extremely sharp, moving blade.

The blade of the knife moves, so when the cut becomes more difficult the blade automatically moves back and forth creating a slicing motion. Through tests it has been found that this bridle knife will go through the shoulder padding and webbing of a harness with no problem.

The blade can be turned around if necessary.

The Purpose-Made Pouch

New, simpler pouch made out of durable webbing.

The bridle knife is easy to slide in and out of the pouch, and is secured to the pouch by a popper on a webbing loop (in red) so it won’t fall out when you don’t want it to.

There are three hook and loop fastener tabs on the back of the pouch so that it can be fastened securely to harness / webbing etc.

The top of the pouch is reinforced for extra durability.

The red webbing strap loop makes it easy to spot and grab, and pull the bridle knife out quickly in an emergency.

The bridle knife can be removed from the pouch one-handed quickly and easily using the red webbing strap loop. Grabbing the red webbing strap loop with one hand and pulling it smartly upwards undoes the popper and pulls the bridle knife from the pouch in one action.


  • Knife (inc webbing strap) with Pouch: approx 95 grams
  • Knife (inc webbing strap): approx 55 grams
  • Pouch: approx 40 grams

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

Bridle Hook Knife with Pouch Reviews

High quality hook-knife with useful pouch on 09/02/2012
  • Star Rating
The stainless-steel hook-knife is of high quality with a sharp moving blade.

The purpose-built pouch holds the hook-knife well, providing a barrier between it and you, and is easily fitted to the harness (or where you want it).

A minor design flaw of the hook-knife is that the metal tip of the blade sticks out of the top of it (see images). As far as I can tell this doesn't seem to serve any function so it could filed-off if preferred (don't cut the metal tip as this might leave sharp edges) being careful not to damage the hook knife or adversely affect the movement of the blade.

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