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1:250000 CAA UK VFR air charts are large-scale aviation maps showing more detail than 1:500000 aircharts but covering a smaller area and only showing airspace up to 5000 feet. Also known as "quarter million" or "1/4 mill" aircharts.

CAA UK VFR Air Charts are widely acknowledged as the best VFR aviation charts anywhere in the world. The aeronautical charts for the UK produced by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) conform to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards and set the benchmark for all other VFR aeronautical charts.

All CAA UK VFR Air Charts are gloss laminated as standard for durability and chinagraph or marker pen lines can easily be cleaned off after flight!

1:250,000 are 'large-scale's charts which are the popular choice for most pilots, showing more surface topographical detail than the 1:500,000, but covering a smaller area and only show airspace information to an altitude of 5000 feet (FL50).


Eight 1:250,000 CAA UK VFR Air Charts cover the UK:

  • Sheet 1 - North Scotland West
  • Sheet 2 - North Scotland East
  • Sheet 3 - Northern Ireland
  • Sheet 4 - The Borders West
  • Sheet 5 - Central England & Wales
  • Sheet 6 - England East
  • Sheet 7 - West & South Wales
  • Sheet 8 - England South


To help give an idea of coverage, we've noted the following for you:

Sheet 7 - West & South Wales includes the following:

  • All SW England
  • As far West as Pembroke / Pembrokeshire, Wales
  • As far NW as Alberporth in Wales
  • As far North as Kington in Wales
  • As far NE as Banbury
  • As far E as Oxford / Abingdon and Thatcham / Newbury / Didcott
  • As far SE as Southampton and Newport on the Isle of Wight

Sheet 8 - England South includes the following:

  • All of SE England
  • As far SW as Lyme Regis
  • As far West as Newport
  • As far NW as the Long Mynd
  • As far North as Leicester
  • As far NE as Norwich / Great Yarmouth

CAA UK VFR Air Chart Publication Dates

The 1:250,000 series are re-issued bi-annually (every two years) on average. The 1:500,000 series are re-issued annually (every year). We will issue you with the latest edition CAA UK VFR Air Charts at the time of order.

See the latest CAA UK VFR Air Chart Publication Dates

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Great for planning XCs on 11/11/2011
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These air charts are great for planning XCs and seeing the big picture. I find them invaluable for this!

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