Deposit towards Paraglider (non-refundable, valid 12 months)


Product code: FLYBB-DEPOSIT-PG

In stock

Status: Current model

Condition: New

Non-refundable deposit towards buying a paraglider from Flybubble, valid for 12 months.

Buy a paraglider from Flybubble!

The Flybubble Crew

Equipment deposits

Some people try to get free advice from us, take up our time, take advantage of our investment in stock, then buy elsewhere. Without charging a deposit for wings, harnesses, reserves and instruments we'd be overwhelmed by speculators and would have less time to offer our loyal customers. By paying a deposit you demonstrate that you are serious about buying from us, so we can offer you our full attention, share all of our expertise and give you access to our great range of stock. We will make sure you get the right and best equipment for you, and that you get the most out of it.

Please note: This non-refundable deposit does not add anything to the cost of the equipment; it simply confirms your intention to order the equipment from Flybubble within maximum 12 months.

Additional Information

Condition New
Model Status Current model

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