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Fair condition. Fair porosity. The rucksack is a fast pack/rucksack combination. See service report (see images) for further details on condition and any repairs. Images for Illustration purposes only.

  • Make: Dudek Paragliders
  • Model: Reaction TST
  • Size: 31
  • Serial number: P04485
  • Colour: Maui
  • Airtime: 100 hours
  • Certification: AFNOR Performance
  • Freeflight all-up weight range: 105-135 Kg
  • Powered all-up weight range: 105-135 Kg
  • Manufacture date: Unknown
  • Purchase date: 06/2008
  • Service Info: The Loft Workshop
  • Package includes: Rucksack, Service report (see images).

Dudek Reaction TST

You have already tried paramotoring and you know that it is your game. Casual local flights are not enough for you - you like to see your name on the winner's rostrum :)

You want to explore new horizons, fly over difficult terrain and in varied conditions. You are not afraid of thermal flying, you like flying to the limit (full throttle + full speedbar).

As you are not looking for compromises, you really do need the best wing in the world, the wing used by most of the top-placed pilots...

Then there's not much choice, is there. There's nothing better than the ReAction. This wing will enable you to realise your full potential?

Every result has its cause. For every action, there is a reaction. So our famous Action could only have been followed by our Reaction.

Reaction TST

After extensive research in last couple of months our ReAction has been markedly improved, so in order to distinguish it from the original design we have changed both name and logo of the wing to a Reaction TST".

ReAction TST features our Tip Steering Toggles system, designed to facilitate high speed flying.

The risers have been modified too - proven scheme of split A's was introduced, so that smooth inflation can be obtained much easier. Previous (standard) arrangement sometimes caused the wingtips to shoot up earlier than centre on careless spreading the wing before launch. Now the margin for pilot error has been considerably widened.

ReAction is an technically improved and graphically renewed version of Action. It is based on the same proven reflex-wing concept. It features a self-stabilising wing section that, in the case of a decrease in its angle of attack, automatically responds to compensate. In other words it always stays neutral with regard to its load, so it's tuck-resistant. And as you well know, the funny thing is that the faster you fly, the more comfort you have :)

Over three years of Action manufacture, and after thorough design review and careful analysis of pilots' input, the time has finally come to apply all our new ideas to improve this successful wing.

All the modifications that have been introduced have been thought through and tested in practice, so we are pretty confident they are all positive improvements.

In comparison to its predecessor, the ReAction is a bit faster, inflates easier and features a number of changes that improve wing durability and ease of use. Besides our 'basic' ReAction we have prepared a 'S' version too, equipped with non-sheathed lines in the upper rigging.

Most significant changes are:

  • smoother trailing edge and overall better profile projection
  • risers have new trimmer buckles and exchangeable trimmer tapes
  • risers now have two suspension points to choose from (low and high, depending on pilot's harness/engine setup)
  • the magnetic clips of the brake handles have been improved
  • internal ribs and suspension points have been strengthened, making the wing even more durable
  • the suspension line layout has been modified at the central part of the trailing edge (this change makes the inflation considerably easier, so novice pilots should have fewer problems)
  • in the 'S' version all upper gallery lines are made of non-sheathed Dyneema (overall drag reduction)
  • new set of colour schemes for the wing

The ReAction 'S' is the official wing of the Polish PPG Team.

ReAction has passed the AFNOR Performance certificate. 

The 'S' version has passed additional strength tests due to the different kind of lines.


The smallest and biggest ReAction sizes passed the EN/AFNOR tests, where both qualified as Performance class. The 27 and 29 sizes obtained a double qualification (Standard/Performance).

On ReActions 25 and 31 the test pilots managed to induce the frontstall with fully closed trims, something very hard to do in normal state of flight and practically impossible to happen on its own. The forced frontstall that occured was much deeper than in normal aerofoil wings, and because of that it opened longer than three seconds. That was the only reason for the Performance rating - in all other manoeuvres our ReAction conformed with the Standard class.

In open trims configuration Performance rating was caused by the B-stall.

We encourage all interested to read the test reports - it is one of the best ways to learn some things that you won't see in the raw technical data.

  • Characteristic pattern of partially closed intakes
  • Ribs and v-reinforcements scheme
  • SReflex aerofoil with pressure distribution diagrams for upper & lower surfaces

Technical data






Certification AFNOR/EN Performance Stand./Perform. Stand./Perform. Performance
Number of cells 65 65 65 65
Surface area (flat) [m2] 25,77 27,81 29,80 31,92
Surface area (projected) [m2] 22,82 24,11 26,39 28,27
Span (flat) [m] 11,83 12,29 12,72 13,17
Span (projected) [m] 9,82 10,20 10,56 10,93
Aspect ratio (flat/projected) 5,43/4,23
Sink rate [m/s] min = 1,1; trim= 1,5-2; max = 3,1
Speed [km/h] min = 23; trim = 42-46; max = 60
Max cord [cm] 267 277 287 297
Max wing depth [cm] 50 52 54 56
Distance pilot to wing [cm] 748 777 804 832
Total line lenght [m] 397 411 427 442
Weight ranges * [kg] 70-90 80-105 95-125 105-135
Weight of the wing [kg] 6,8 7,1 7,5 7,8



  • Technora 1,2 (or non-sheated
  • Dyneema Ultimate 0,8 for Sport version) &
  • Technora 1,3 & 1,5 & 1,8 & 2,3


  • SkyTex Aquatic 44 g/m2 (E85A) 
  • SkyTex New 39 g/m2 soft finish (E38A) 
  • SkyTex New 39 g/m2 hard finish (E29A) 
  • Mylar Polyester Scrim 180 g/m2





Misprint in lines length table of Reaction 25 (CD row lines), occuring in manuals published before June 2008.

Competition results

  • 2nd - Tuomas Kauhanen (FIN) - Finnish Paramotor Open 2011 (PF1) - Reaction TST
  • 1st - Mirosław Dyl (PL) - Paramotor World XContest 2010 - Reaction TST
  • 2nd - Takenori Kimura (JAP) - Japan Paramotor Championships 2010 (PF1) - ReAction TST S
  • 3rd - Yosuke Togasi (JAP) - Japan Paramotor Championships 2010 (PF1) - ReAction TST S
  • 3rd - Sven Solovjov (EST) - Estonian Open Championship 2010 (PF1) - Reaction TST 31
  • 3rd - Mindaugas Staras (EST) - Baltic Open Championship 2010 (PF1) - Reaction29
  • 1st - Paap Kolar (EST) - Baltic Open Championship 2010 (PF1) - Reaction TST 31
  • 2nd Aivaras AKRAMAS, Mindaugas SKRUODYS (LTU) - World Paramotor Champs 2009 (PL1) - Reaction Cabrio 44


Juan Jose GARCIA de ABAJO (ESP) - Speed over a closed circuit of 50 km without landing (RPF1Tm) - 65.4 km/h - ReAction 27
Dave Hairs (GB) - Distance with Limited Fuel (RPF1Tm) - 110.16 km - ReAction 29
Armin Appel (GER) - Distance over a closed circuit without landing (RPF1Tm) - 343.6 km - ReAction 29

Pilot feedback

My Sexy and Trusty Reaction 29: worst weather champ !!!!

After the fantastic flight on Saturday afternoon, I thought I would drop you a note on my beautiful, solid and trustworthy Reaction 29. Apart from the fact that this wing is the sexiest thing I have ever seen, I have found it to be exceptionally stable in rather trying conditions.

On flying into the initial compression, the wing rocked a bit but that was mostly the normal bit of bumping we experience. Going up at 3.8 m/s with no throttle input made it a bit more interesting though. Having flown that kind of bumps many times before, I was not very excited and needless to say the wing performed as usual - being rock solid and providing the usual comfort and allowed me to just enjoy the ride with minimal alertness.

When the gust hit me, the game altered a bit and I was violently thrown about - such that I was jerking on the brake-lines purely as a function of being so violently thrown about that my arms could not maintain symmetry. I decided to grab the risers to stabilise my arms at least and thus not giving involuntary brake input onto the wing. This worked fine and the wing just took over and performed so beautifully, I marvelled at its performance even while thinking that this is going to get even more interesting as soon as I hit the lee side of the small mountain I was being blown over presently. Going over the mountain, I clocked 106 kph.

As soon as I hit the lee-side of the mountain, I hit turbulence that I have not experienced before and my sink rate was 4 m/s on a full throttle - I was getting a tad worried, especially when I was looking vertically down and my wing was about 1 meter above me - the both of us nearly horizontal with the ground. That was one of the few pilot inputs I gave: and braked the wing a bit (maybe 1/4 brake) to stop this overfly - as soon as the wing started to respond, I let up and the wing returned to its proper place - above me. The bumps were now really violent and I was now clutching the risers rather than just holding on to them to stop my arms from flaying around and giving brake input that I did not intend. Realising that I cannot alter my lot in life at this stage, I resigned myself to look up at the wing and observe its performance. In the worst of the violent bumps, where I was being tossed about so actively that I thought I was going to be thrown out of my harness - the wing did not tuck on me once. It NEVER lost any stability or form and maintained performance to such a degree; I decided right there that the only wing I will ever fly is a Reaction (or its later versions). That Reaction sucked up the worst that gust front could throw at us and got me safely through a rather exciting weather phenomena - it is a superbly designed wing with remarkable stability and undoubtedly one of (if not THE) safest wings to fly PPG with.

Flying in normal weather, the Reaction is a dream: it performs, it responds and makes you smile with pleasure as it dutifully does exactly what you want : fantastic flying. In atrocious weather it is the ONLY wing I want to be caught in; having gone through the above in a Reaction, I have 110% trust in that wing to get me through a situation if it is at all possible !

If this wing was human and a female: I would marry her ;-)

Please pass my utmost respect to the designers at Dudek - I owe them all a beer if ever I see them.

And thanks to you for selling the best there is !!!!


- Anton Kock

Additional Information

Condition Used
AFNOR Certification AFNOR Performance

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