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Packed with the latest techniques and thinking from some of the world’s best pilots and instructors. With former Paragliding World Champion Bruce Goldsmith at the helm, the book draws on advice and knowledge from across the world of free flight.

This book includes:

  • Hundreds of tips to help you fly better
  • Practical advice on how to thermal quickly and efficiently
  • Skills and tactics from experts to help you fly cross country
  • In-depth advice on flying flatlands and mountains
  • Advice on staying safe while flying near clouds and terrain
  • Real life explanations of how clouds and thermals work
  • Simple explanations for flying in wind, convergence and thermals
  • Sports psychology techniques to help you perform
  • Advice on flying your first competition – and turning professional
  • Packed with clear and simple illustrations
  • 232 pages, 100+ photos and illustrations, full colour throughout

Essential reading for all paraglider and hang glider pilots, contributors include: Ian Blackmore, Josh Cohn, John Coutts, Bob Drury, Jonny Durand, Ed Ewing, Kelly Farina, Will Gadd, Ant Green, Steve Ham, Heike Hamann, Greg Hamerton, Alex Hofer, Marcus King, Patrick Laverty, Antoine Laurens, Horacio Llorens, Dustin Martin, Hugh Miller, Russell Ogden, Honza Rejmanek, Adrian Thomas, Jay Rebbeck, Raul Rodriguez, Jocky Sanderson, Pal Takats, Karel Vejchodsky, Godfrey Wenness and Rob Whittall.

Praise for Fifty Ways to Fly Better

"Successful pilots often look like they get 'lucky', but it's just not true. To fly really well, you need to be 100% prepared. This book is essential reading for anyone wanting to fly at their best."
Chrigel Maurer, three-times Red Bull X-Alps winner and World Cup Champion

"Packed with in-depth flying advice from the pilots who really know.”
Jocky Sanderson, SIV and cross country instructor

"The closest a book can be to a personal coach or mentor."
Skywings magazine

"Fifty concise chapters of varying length never bog down in theory or detail like a textbook. Any pilot of any skill level will find this book engrossing and learn something that would be useful to them ... it’s sure to make you a better pilot."
Airborn magazine

Preview Fifty Ways to Fly Better

  • Paperback: 220 pages
  • By Bruce Goldsmith (Author) , Ed Ewing (Editor) , Hugh Miller (Editor) , Marcus King (Illustrator) , Charlie King (Illustrator).
  • Publisher: Cross Country International; First edition (November 15, 2013)
  • Product Dimensions: 23.9 x 17.4 x 1.5 cm (9.4 x 6.8 x 0.6 inches)
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  • ISBN-10: 0957072724
  • ISBN-13: 978-0957072725

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Condition New
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Fifty Ways to Fly Better Reviews

This is an excellent book. on 06/05/2016
  • Star Rating
As a relatively new, low air time pilot, who is looking to progress onwards from my first 10 hours or so, I have been looking to progress safely by soaking up knowledge and experience wherever I can. Things that I can take on board, adapt and use myself to become a better pilot.

This book has proved to be an excellent stepping stone in that direction. Having read this book, I feel that it has helped me in two primary ways:

1) By bringing together everything that I've learned so, it has helped me see the bigger picture. All the individual techniques that you learn, the sensations that you feel (both physical and mental) early on make sense when you see them explained and applied to real world situations.

2) By clearly showing me what I don't yet know (things that I haven't experienced yet) and where and how I need to practice and improve.

I have come away feeling both much more happy with what I have done so far - I haven't been "doing it wrong" at all! And full of ideas and techniques that I want to get out and try, to work on, and maybe one day even perfect. It has provided direction, things to aim for and ways to get there.

I would whole heartedly recommend this book to any pilot that hasn't yet read it.

This is an excellent book.
Right on target on 17/11/2013
  • Star Rating
This is brilliant! Refreshing, focused, and entirely relevant. It covers a diverse range of topics, and they've been very cleverly selected. Even if you know some of this stuff, it's great to read it and 'consolidate' your knowledge, preparing your mind for smart decision-making during your next flight.

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