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Micro SD card with Above Ground Level (AGL) data and airspaces for the new SD range of Flymaster Avionics flight instruments with GPS.

NB: You can download the AGL data and airspaces files for free and copy them on to an SD card (see instructions) however the total size of these files is 10.2 GB i.e. HUGE so this may take a very long time to do, and you may incur charges from your internet service provider. It's the AGL data files which are HUGE; the airspace files are small.

Flymaster World Airspaces

Airspace changes regularly therefore the airspace files are regularly updated which means that the SD card may not have the latest airspace file on it. The airspace files are small so it's quick and easy to download these for free from the Flymaster website:

Download the latest world airspace file (world.frd) for SD series here.

All the latest airspace files for SD series are available to download here.

Flymaster 3D airspace avoidance system

The Flymaster 3D airspace avoidance system incorporated into the GPS-SD, GPS-SD+, NAV-SD and LIVE-SD provides tools to manage airspaces and heights above ground level (AGL).


Restricted areas can be seen in an embedded Map, or on dedicated page. The Map can be complemented with numerical, and text Information using data fields. The Critical Airspaces dedicated page can be used to see detailed information about areas that are close to the pilot.

Heights above ground level (AGL)

The height above ground data is used for a number features and functions including showing your altitude above, altitude of airspace above ground and show glide to turn points or your goal taking into account any topographic features.

Airspace warnings

In addition to graphic information, audible alarms and page triggers will ensure that even the most inattentive pilots does not miss critical information. For example when flying near a restricted area an alarm is issued and the airspace page automatically enabled.

16GB Class 10 Micro SD card 

To maximise the functionality of your SD series instrument, this 16GB Class 10 Micro SD card comes preloaded with a grid of world height AGLs and airspace.

Flymaster Designer app

New and temporary Airspace can be added to the instrument using the Flymaster Designer app. This new or temporary data is loaded from the instrument in front of the worldwide data from the card.

Latest firmware 

Make sure that you update your instrument to the latest firmware to be able to take full advantage of the files contained on this Kingston 16GB Class 10 Micro SDHC card.

More information and firmware can be downloaded here.

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Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
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