Flytec PlexiCover S


Product code: FLYTC-PLEXICVR-S

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These PlexiCovers not only protect your Alti-Vario and screen from being broken, they also help protect the screen from getting scratched and buttons from being pushed accidentally when packed away - which can mean flat batteries when you next turn your instrument on to go flying!

Fits the following Flytec flight instruments:

  • Flytec 6000
  • Flytec 6005
  • Flytec 6010
  • Flytec 6015
  • Flytec Track

Fits the following Brauniger flight instruments:

  • Brauniger IQ-Alto
  • Brauniger IQ-One
  • Brauniger IQ-One Plus
  • Brauniger IQ-BASIC-GPS

Flybubble note: Brauniger call these: "Perplexcovers" and "Perplex covers" which has left us a little perplexed... BOOM, BOOM! Oh, dear...

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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