San Valentin: High On Patagonia DVD

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The weather turned against them. An avalanche made them run for their lives. And all the way, time was running out. Would they make the summit before their supplies ran out? Best Film on Climbing, BANFF Film Festival.

San Valentin: High On Patagonia DVD

By Fresh Air Crew

A small group of friends from Cape Town set off on an expedition to climb the highest mountain on Chile's Northern Patagonian Icecap - San Valentin.

Despite numerous attempts, the mountain had only been successfully summitted three times before.
They were about to find out why.

The party left from the small settlement of Puerto Montt and sailed the 900km down the west coast of Chile. Three days later they reached the foot of the San Rafael Glacier, and began an arduous trek to the base of the mountain with a month's supply of food. The epic journey had begun.

300kg of supplies and equipment had to be carried up to the snow plateau - many days of 'double carrying' through dangerous terrain. They progressed on ski's and sledges for two weeks through heavily crevassed landscapes, roped together for safety.

And off in the distance, their goal. The mighty San Valentin.


Fresh Air Crew has been creating reality adventure documentaries for more than a decade. Their exploits have taken them from the tropics to the glaciers, from cities to wastelands, from great depths to even greater heights. Having travelled through 54 countries, they have a colourful collection of award-winning extreme sports productions.

NIC GOOD - Director / Producer

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