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Sleek, aerodynamic and comfortable: The Genie II is a paragliding harness that perfectly reflects GIN design aesthetic.

Suitable for a wide range of pilots, from the occasional club pilot to the experienced cross country pilot, the Genie II will give you maximum pleasure with minimum fuss.

The Genie II was developed by the R&D team of Gin Gliders to meet the highest standards of the most demanding pilots – it's the harness used by GIN test pilots during development of new paragliders.

The Genie II is a sleek, aerodynamic harness designed for maximum comfort and ease of use. The elegant design focuses on simplicity, eliminating the need for over-complicated adjustments.

The overall geometry of the harness enables the pilot to feel the feedback from the glider more sensitively, whilst still retaining a secure feeling in flight. This increases the precision of turns while thermaling and aids active flying. On long flights, the comfort of the Genie II is second to none.

Leg and chest straps are integrated into the “T-bar system” to prevent the pilot becoming airborne in the case of forgetting to fasten the leg straps. Safety has also been improved by the positioning of the back protection; the rear pocket has been moved upwards, offering protection if the pilot accidentally falls backwards.

Supplied with DHV certified full dorsal and lateral protection, and foot stirrup.

Weight: approx. 5.1Kg (without back or side protection, etc.)

The Genie 2 harness is available in two versions:

  1. Front mounted reserve - The reserve parachute container is mounted on the front of the harness and the handle is placed on the front of this container so that the reserve handle should be easily in view.
  2. Under seat mounted reserve - The reserve parachute container is built under the seat plate with the handle mounted on the right hand side. The under seat mounted model also offers additional protection in the event of a hard landing.

Download Gin Genie II User Manual [PDF]

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Condition New
Model Status Past model

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