Gin Aluminium Speed System


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Easy-access paraglider speed bar with light, strong aluminium frame and foot stirrup loop, for any paragliding harness.

The speed bar's attachment points are held by a cable at an angle, which makes it easier to find the bar without using your hands.

Includes speed system line, plus a pair of Brummel Hooks* for quick and easy attachment / detachment (to other Brummel Hooks*).

*Brummel Hooks are designed to be 'slotted' into other same-type Brummel Hooks for quick and easy attachment / detachment. If you don't have Brummel Hooks on the risers of your paraglider for the speed system, then you may want to get an extra pair of Brummel Hooks and have these fitted to the speed system on the risers of your paraglider. Alternatively, you could use mini-Maillons (Oval type) or even tie the speed system line on (although you should always avoid tying line-to-line, as they will cut in to each other).

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Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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