Gin Verso 2 XL - Second Hand (VS0040XL) CBS

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Condition: Used

Nearly new condition.

  • Make: Gin Gliders
  • Model: Verso 2
  • Size: XL
  • Serial number: 4VVS0040XL
  • Colour: Black-Silver-Red
  • Certification: EN 1651, LTF 91/09
  • Manufacture date: Unknown
  • Purchase date: 15/03/2014
  • Reserve container: Under-seat mount, Right hand
  • Protection type: Airbag
  • Package includes: Back protection, Karabiners, Reserve handle, Reserve bridles, Speed system, Foot stirrup, Rucksack (reversible integral), Lightweight seatplate.

NB: Despite the label on this harness showing "Verso" it is actually a Gin Verso 2, not a Verso (1), as can be seen by comparing the photos of it to the images of the new Gin Verso (1) and Gin Verso 2.

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