Icaro Paragliders Wildcat M (80-110kg) 80hrs - Second Hand (11WT33M)

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Good condition. Very good porosity. See service report (see images) for further details on condition and any repairs. Images for Illustration purposes only.

  • Make: Icaro Paragliders
  • Model: Wildcat
  • Size: M
  • Serial number: 11WT33M
  • Colour: White-Green-Black-Orange
  • Airtime: 80 hours
  • Certification: EN B, LTF B
  • Freeflight all-up weight range: 80-110 Kg
  • Manufacture date: Unknown (2010-2011?)
  • Purchase date: 06/2011
  • Service Info: The Loft Workshop on 11/08/2018
  • Package includes: Rucksack, Riser bag, Compression strap, Service report (see images)

Download manual from manufacturer's website.

Icaro Paragliders Wildcat

WILDCAT - Tracing your roots.

High performance allrounder for the talented beginner, pilots who want to enjoy, thermal pilots and long distance freaks who like to rely on their glider and just want to enjoy all facets of the flight. Freestyle-capable.

The WILDCAT is the new Allrounder of ICARO paragliders. It is a simply to be flown paraglider class EN B/ LTF B which fulfils the high security standards and offers according to performance a lot of elbowroom on long distance flights.

Its absolute strength is thermalling. With a subtly graded control pressure, which increases in the higher region, it can be controlled very exactly just like with servo-steering, into a flat or steep turning. Delicately it shows rising air by increasing the pressure on the brakes and a falling out of the thermals with a softening of the control pressure. It finds the centre of thermals best when being guided softly on the brakes.

The flying character is well-balanced and harmonic. If desired the WILDCAT reacts lively and precisely to weight and brake. In turbulences it however cushions strongly and is calm.

Strong turbulences, narrow, wind blown thermals are being levelled out by the canopy completely. The WILDCAT answers only with soft rustling of the stabilo.

The descending helps B-Stall and Steep Spiral are easily performed and effective. When doing Big Ears they open up autonomously within four seconds which is ideal when top landing. The stall point is being shown clearly by a very hard control pressure in order for the glider not to overcast accidentally.

Target group: The WILDCAT is the ideal glider for all pilots that like to fly cross-country, do thermal flying and soaring without being overstrained by the glider. Like this you can concentrate completely on flying.

The less experienced pilot can expand its flight knowledge with pleasure and develop security in the thermals and when flying distance.

Recommended flight hours per year: 20-30 hours.

„Its absolute strength is thermalling. It can be controlled very exactly just like with servo-steering.“

The WILDCAT is a glider which shows no weaknesses. Its permanent calculability and its distinct passive security will convince you tight from take off to landing. Flying with the WILDCAT is just fun and maybe it awakens the love of adventure in you and encourages you to fly new routes.

In order to achieve maximum enjoyment we have extended our testing activities:

All proto gliders were not only tested over water but also during all thinkable conditions just like in the real flight operations up to the limit. In the final phase we gave the proto types to flying teacher friends, hobby pilots and a few of our own partners in order to receive critics and new ideas to give the WILDCAT its last polish.

To provide our customers maximum security we have tested the WILDCAT regarding Full Frontal Collapse and Steep Spiral way beyond the new LTF 09 limits.

„Feel the freedom and adventure of flying.“


  • DHV audited
  • a new profile for high performance and stability
  • lightweight construction in the inner life and in the Stabilo guarantee a very high folding resistance of the canopy and a very softened extreme flight behaviour
  • in the WILDCAT four different sail cloths, all from Porcher Marine, and three different line types are used, to apply the best material performance at the appropriate places
  • reworked risers which simplify take off preparations and prevent dangerous twists in take off
  • PAF (performance airintake flaps) at the leading edge
  • folded and sewed V-rips
  • separated A-risers
  • dirt escape openings on the Stabilo
  • ring gather system at the brake top lines for the ultimate fine and distinctive ICARO handling.


  • Black/red/black/white
  • Orange/green/black/white

Technical data

Icaro Paragliders Wildcat technical data

Additional Information

Condition Used
EN Certification EN B
LTF Certification LTF B

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