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Good condition. The included karabiners are AustriAlpin Powerfly stainless steel. The stiffening sheet in the bottom has a marked crease in it, deforming the bottom of the harness, a very common thing in this style of harness. See images.

  • Make: Independence
  • Model: Emotion+
  • Size: S
  • Serial number: 05211
  • Colour: Black-Grey-Orange
  • Manufacture date: 01/06/2013
  • Reserve container: Under-seat mount, Right mount
  • Protection type: Airbag (airflow)
  • Package includes: Back protection, Karabiners, Reserve container (integrated), Reserve handle, Reserve bridles, Speed System, Rucksack.

Independence Emotion / Emotion+

Here you find information about the reversible harness: "Emotion" and "Emotion +". The main difference between these versions is a bigger container of the "Emotion +". Further info you find in the manual, which you can download at the end of this page. 

Our new reversible harness Emotion(+) can be transformed with only a few moves from a harness to a rucksack and vice versa! Thereby the already lightweight harness offers the advantage that no separate packsack with additional weight is needed anymore. 

Despite its low weight of only 4.1kg the Emotion(+) is an absolute fully, very comfortable harness, which offers a great feedback to the glider and best flight-characteristics. 

The packsack of our reversible harness is big enough to store a complete paragliding-gear, and because of its compact shape it is very comfortable to carry and offers a good load distribution. 

A total innovation at the Emotion(+) is the rescue parachute inner container with its integrated release-handle (this container is available in several sizes). Up to now the release handle and the inner container were two separate parts, which have to be combined first, usually by stowing. Not so at the Emotion(+): Here the release-handle and the inner container are one unit! Thereby the installation of the rescue-parachute to the harness is defined more clearly. A wrong mounting of the rescue-parachute to the harness, for example caused by a wrong fixing of the handle to the inner container, is not possible anymore! 

Of course the Emotion(+) is equipped with a dual-chamber airbag-protector and is certified according to LTF (German type approval) and EN (European Norm). Target group of the Emotion(+) are not only alpinists who usually walk up to the take-off, but also all other pilots who follow the trend to lighter harnesses without making any compromise regarding the functionality and comfort.


  • light reversible harness with integrated rucksack
  • despite the low weight very comfortable
  • rescue parachute container integrated at the bottom
  • Inner container combined with release-handle, this reduces the risk of a wrong installation of the rescue-parachute
  • very light (M size: 4,1kg incl. carabiners)
  • LTF/EN-certified airbag back-protector
  • available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL)
  • LTF (German type approval) and EN (European Norm) certified 

Here you can download a complete manual of the "Emotion". 

Here you can download a complete manual of the "Emotion +" (bigger container, etc). 

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