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The Ultra Cross series, our lightest high-performance reserve represents what's technically feasible in manufacturing rescue parachutes nowadays. Weighing only 790g Ultra Cross 75 is an extremely light rescue system. And the new rescue parachute Ultra Cross 210 is the world's lightest tandem reserve, certified according to LTF and EN. For every purpose an ideal reserve!

Cruciform rescue parachute Ultra Cross

A unique fabric exclusively manufactured for independence, made of 10D sturdy Nylon 6.6 with only 22 g/m² weight and extremely light, yet high tensile Dyneema lines and ribbons, made it possible to develop these inventive reserves.

The effective cruciform construction combined with defined outlet ports at each corner leads to a steady flow around the canopy, which provides an outstanding pendulum stability of all our cruciform parachutes.

Precisely calculated suspension points for the lines maximise the projected surface and additionally reduce the parachute's sink rate. Due to these innovations, we were able to stay even below a required sink rate of 5,5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions - during certification tests we stayed up to 15% below that threshold.

Extremely short opening times, which come very close to notional specified minimum, have been achieved by a low, thus efficient, canopy height. Due to short system length and the way it is packed, it stayed up to 40% below admissible opening times.

Flybubble note: The Independence Ultra Cross is exactly the same product as the Skyman Ultra Cross, developed and manufactured by Independence.


  • Extremely fast opening - up to 40% below admissible value of 5 seconds
  • Lowest sink rate, up to 15% below required sink rate of 5.5 m/s according to EN 12491 restrictions
  • No pendulum movements at descent
  • High opening certainty even in case of spiral dive or negative rotations
  • Deployment bag with separate pocket for the lines
  • Very light due to uncoated 22g 10D material; only 790g for 75kg towed load
  • Yellow fabric
  • Certified according to LTF/ 91/09 and EN 12491

Tandem cruciform reserve Ultra Cross 210

Our best - now available as tandem reserve! Now among the lightest serie of our high-performance reserves: Ultra Cross 210. The world's lightest tandem rescue parachute certified according to LTF and EN!

The success of independence cruciform reserves is based on its outstanding reliability in emergency cases. With their excellent pendulum stability, lowest sink rates and fastest opening times, they have been proving their value and encouraged us to enhance this design and widen our cruciform series. As market leader it has been an important concern to us, to make our cruciform parachutes available for tandem pilots, too.

After a long period of development work and many tests, two models have been certified according to LTF and EN in 2016: a model of our EVO Cross as well as the Ultra Cross 210.

Ultra Cross 210, as the world's lightes tandem reserve certified according to LTF and EN, really lives up to the name of our most favoured lightweight series!

Technical data







surface 21,5 m² 25 m² 33 m² 40.3 m² 54,81 m²
max. towed load 75 kg 100 kg 125 kg 150 kg 212 kg
sinkrate at max. load 5,5 m/s 4.61 m/s 5.1 m/s 5.3 m/s 5,45 m/s
weight 790 g 975 g 1195 g 1585 g 2300 g
Number of lines / panels 12 16 16 20 24
Total length packed (bridle to packing loops) 6,14 7.1 8.22 8.62 10,42
Volume in milliliter (without bridle) 2350 2980 5000 5400 7800

Available for paragliders as well as hang-gliders.




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Additional Information

Condition New
Reserve Certification EN 12491, LTF, LTF 91/09
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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