Kortel Kamasutra II M - Second Hand (13K05445)

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Product code: KORTL-KAMASUTRA2-M-13K05445-2H

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Condition: Used

Good condition. Good condition except for the lower part of the back support, which has gone fluffy (see photo).

  • Make: Kortel Design
  • Model: Kamasutra II
  • Size: M
  • Serial number: OZ13K05445
  • Colour: One Colour
  • Manufacture date: Unknown
  • Reserve container: Under-seat mount
  • Protection type: Foam
  • Package includes: Back protection, Karabiners, Reserve container (integrated), Reserve handle, Reserve bridles, Speed System, Maillon, Foot stirrup with speed system, Lightweight seatplate, Speedbag (removable).

Additional Information

Condition Used
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