Maillon Rapide Trapezium Zinc 6.0mm


Product code: MAILR-TRP-ZC-6.0MM

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A cheaper option to the Maillon Rapide Trapezoidal Stainless Steel 6mm - however we recommend that you go for the Stainless Steel version, unless durability / reliability really isn't an issue! This Maillon is suitable for attaching the harness to the risers. However, we would generally recommend that you rather use suitable Karabiners for harness to riser attachments. This Maillon is also suitable for attaching the two harness reserve shoulder straps to the two ends of the reserve bridles, using two Maillon Rapide Trapezoidal Zinc 6.0 mm. This Maillon is not suitable for single point attachment between the harness and the reserve, or for any attachment for tandem paraglider or tandem reserve.
  • Shape: Trapezium (Trapezoidal)
  • Material: Zinc
  • Diameter: 6.0mm
  • WLL: 250kg

Full specifications can be found on the Peguet Maillon Rapide website.

Additional Information

Condition New
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Current model

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