Master PPG 4: Advanced Landings DVD

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Part four of four in the Master Powered Paragliding (PPG) series of instructional DVDs. Master landing with style, grace and accuracy EVERY time.

Master PPG 4: Advanced Landings DVD

We explain how to handle engine-out landings in many situations that involve different glide decisions with variations of winds and terrain.

Working with some of the best pilots in the world we thoroughly show and explain techniques that can dramatically increase your success at making soft, stand up landings every time on the spot of your choosing.

As with the rest of the series it uses a combination of live action, 3D animations, 2D animations and other graphics to clarify exactly how the techniques work. Everything from nailing one-step spot landings to the graceful slider arrivals that make you look like a pro.

You'll especially enjoy an opening landing by Bruce Erion who re-defines the "Land and Stop" -- not necessarily a technique to employ often but it will sure be an attention getter.

There's nothing like a perfect swoop landing to top off a flight. We expose the science behind it through animation then show various techniques to pull it off in practice. We'll cover how to land in no wind, stronger wind, confined areas, how to land and stop, land over obstacles, do slider landings and much more. Animation plays a big part here since by clarifying important elements of flight path control. Plus we'll cover the extreme risks of spot landings and how to reduce them.

This is not a "show-off" video. Techniques are broken down with close-ups, graphics, animation, narrated explanations and slow motion to first show exactly what to do, how much to do it, what timing is involved, and how to react. Shots are further dissected as we reveal the techniques in action.

Various methods are shown in action along with how they're beneficial.

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