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SeeYou software is a flight planning and analysis tool for glider, paraglider and hang glider pilots. It is designed for Windows PC as well as Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

License Options

First purchase: If you're purchasing a SeeYou license for the first time then you'll need to choose either "Registration Key (1 Year)" or "Annual Subscription (Unlimited)". The "Registration Key (1 Year)" lasts for one year, after which you will have to renew manually (choose one of Upgrade/Renewal options). The "Annual Subscription (Unlimited)" option is a subscription service which means your licence will be renewed automatically each year. You can of course cancel your subscription at any time.

Upgrade/Renewal: The "1 Year" option lasts for one year, after which you will have to renew manually.  The "Unlimited" option is a subscription service which means your licence will be renewed automatically each year. You can of course cancel your subscription at any time.

SeeYou functions before the flight allow you to plan tasks, manage waypoint lists and upload all that to the navigation device of your choice. After the flight it allows you to download flights from GPS devices, see your flight on the map, analyse it into the tiniest details through Statistics and 3D view.

It is closely integrated with SeeYou Cloud in order to deliver seamless comfort in viewing your flights on home PC, at work, on your Tablet or Smartphone.

Cross-platform: Windows, Android and Apple iOS

SeeYou runs on the following operating systems:

  • Windows: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (not on RT)
  • Android: 2.3 (Gingerbread), 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), 4.l and 4.2 (Jelly Bean)
  • Apple iOS (pending approval from Apple): iPhone 3GS,4,5, iPad 2,3,4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch

Version comparison




Flight trace



Declared Task (Racing & AAT)



Statistics (Flight, Task, Phases)



Flight parameters









SeeYou Cloud



Worldwide Vector maps



Waypoints management



Task planning



3D View



Multiple flights animation



Satellite maps



Competition Scoring



* SeeYou is not a native Apple Mac application. To run it on a Mac you need to use Windows emulation software. We suggest you use Parallels (tested, works great!), Cross Over, VMware Fusion or Bootcamp.

Task planning made easy

Planning a badge or record flight? Look no further. SeeYou has an integrated Task Management tool which allows you to plan goal, Out-and-return, Triangle and other types of flights on a map.

Analysis of single or multiple flights

Trying to find out why others fly further or faster? Open all interesting flights on a single screen, animate the flights, study the routes flown by the best pilots and explore the statistics in every detail. This is how many aspiring pilots have become respected cross-country pilots and competitors.

Free Airspace updates

Airspace updates are automatic and free for SeeYou subscribers. It doesn't get easier than this. SeeYou checks for the latest airspace files automatically and notifies you about any updates. That's it - no installation, no downloads, fully automatic.

Streaming Vector maps

SeeYou users don't install maps. They wait briefly for the maps to come to them. Open a flight and see how the maps will stream to your computer!

Raster maps

Raster Maps, when compared to vector maps, are suitable for special use. For example when You want to explore features not covered in vector maps, such as vegetation, mountain top names, labels on maps and others. 

SeeYou uses a proprietary CMR raster format where images are geo-referenced and provide optimal resolution at various zoom levels. Extremely large maps like Satellite images and US Sectionals can be displayed at once without compromising speed. 

Raster maps

You may also scan Your own maps with the information You need. Combining vector and raster maps will give the best results in 3D! 

You will then be able to view Your flight in exactly the detail You need.


SeeYou will give You much more detailed statistics for Your flight than any other gliding software. 

Performance statistics

Are You interested in how good You are in thermalling to the left or right?

Want to know the distribution of average lift or ground speeds used?

How about those circles You make in vain, thinking "this must have been lift!" Ever thought about how much time they cost You? 

Wind statistics reports

Another unique feature to SeeYou is that it includes the wind in statistics reports:

  • It stores the Wind into height layers
  • It averages the wind from several flights for an even better estimate
  • It stores the wind into a database for future use
  • If TAS/IAS and GS are in the IGC file it computes the wind in straight flight 

Flight Phase statistics

A great way to explore your flight is by studying flight phases.

It is a very simple set of straight and circling phases of your flight. But it tells an interesting story when you start sorting these flight phases by clicking on column headers.

  • see the distribution of average lift during your flight,
  • find your lowest save, top thermal, longest straight phase,
  • explore the distribution of ground speeds achieved 

and more...

  • Double-clicking on a phase will move the glider into this phase,
  • when used in a desktop this gives an immediate visual reference 

Allow your imagination to guide you.

3D maps

Vector maps combined with satellite images.

3D Maps


  • Changing perspective: Hold mouse left button and move the mouse
  • Changing zoom: Hold mouse right button and move the mouse up/down 

Setup 3D:

  • Use Tools->Options->3D view to determine the look and feel of your 3D window
  • Enable 3D: if your graphic card can't provide 3D for you, uncheck this option
  • Show textured ground: Shows a flat map by using your current options in Route view
  • Show Sky: shows blue sky
  • Texture size: width or height of the map in pixels
  • Height exaggeration: Multiplies terrain and track height.
  • Visible layers: You can set them up from the overhead view


Flight Optimization is the phrase glider pilots most commonly use when talking about GPS flight recorders and computer software today. There is a growing number of XC contests which allow for undeclared flights and thus require some sort of optimization. 

SeeYou at present fully supports these optimizations: 

  • aerokurier Online Contest (OLC) for gliders
  • FAI badge and record rules
  • DHV Online Contest for Hanggliding and Paragliding
  • Deutsche Meisterschaft im Streckensegelflug (DMSt)
  • SIS-AT (Gummiband) 

Sophisticated mathematical algorithms enable SeeYou to calculate the longest task flown within seconds. 

You can copy the calculated task into Your flight and immediately enjoy a full statistics report for the optimized task. 

By pressing the Submit button in the Optimization panel you can submit your flights to the Online Contest with a single click. 

Optimizations include Free flight with up to 6 free waypoints, FAI Triangle, Triangle without FAI restrictions. For some, the optimized flight is compared to the declared task.


Simultaneous animation of multiple flights is a very educational competition analysis. With SeeYou such animation is created by just a few clicks. 


Simply select more flights from the 'File Open' window and they will be displayed in separate colors. It is up to you to decide how these flights should be synchronized:

  • Real time animation will show gliders' actual positions at a given time.
  • Start Time synchronization is featured in the picture below. All gliders start the task at the same moment, so You can see who was the actual leader at a given moment.
  • Take Off, Landing, Finish and Custom synchronizations are also possible.
  • Each competitor can be presented with his flight parameters and own color.
  • The length of the bar at each competition number represents the glider's altitude.
  • From the Synchronize dialog you can choose the synchronization method.

Managing waypoints

SeeYou presents several different types of waypoints, ranging from a turnpoint to mountain pass. Waypoints can be imported and exported to all file formats, known to us. If there is an unsupported file format, please let us know, and we will implement it as soon as possible. 

Managing waypoints

- The picture features waypoints located around the Lac de Serre Poncon in the French Alps
- The pop-up menu in the corner shows You how easy it is to manage waypoints.

Home WaypointHome Waypoint is a useful feature for pilots who travel around the world with their gliders.

This one-click menu offers You the possibility of switching between gliding sites anywhere in the world.


Printing is a very important part of SeeYou 

It is possible to print:

  • Single or multiple Flights to fit the page or in desired scale,
  • Statistics for the whole flight, only for the task or custom selection,
  • Graphs for altitude, ground speed, engine noise level and more,
  • Contest Tasks that you have designed to fit the page or in scale and
  • Daily and total results in a contest
  • All or just selected Waypoints 

All these and many other options can be set up through Page Setup window.

A special feature even enables you to print Maps in desired scale.

Task sheet like this will be well appreciated by everyone ever involved in contest organization:

Printing - preview


Through Tools-Options-General you can choose one of several languages: 

  • English
  • German
  • Italian
  • Slovenian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Croatian
  • Portuguese
  • Greek
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian
  • Bulgarian Cyrillic

Connection to GPS devices

Since version 2.0 SeeYou is capable of communicating to a growing number of GPS devices. 

A simple connection wizard makes SeeYou an all-in-one application for your flying needs. 

Possible actions:

  • Download flights
  • Upload and download waypoints
  • Upload and download tasks
  • Upload and download flight declaration 

Supported devices:

  • LX Navigation Colibri, LX 20, LX 4000, LX 400, LX 5000 pre 6.0, LX 5000, DX 50, LX 7000, LX 7007
  • Posigraph
  • Volkslogger
  • Garmin, including USB devices
  • Brauniger Compeo/Competino, Flytec 5030/5020/6020/6030
  • MLR
  • Cambridge models 10, 20 & 25
  • Cambridge 302
  • EW model B and model D, microRecorder
  • Flarm

Competition Scoring / Soaring Spot

SeeYou is used worldwide for scoring of competitions. Combined with Soaring Spot it becomes a fully features system able to score anything between your local club competition up to full scale World Championships. Using SeeYou Competition module is free. If you don't have access to a registered SeeYou copy request a free temporary key from Naviter, register your competition at Soaring Spot and read the comprehensive Manuals. Tools such as IGC Mail even enable you to do scoring remotely and completely automatically!

Trial Version Comparison and Limitations




Trial Time

14 days


Open Flights


Limited to SeeYou Cloud
and Demo.igc

SeeYou Cloud

7 own files

7 own files

When subscription expires

No limitation except
SeeYou Cloud as above

Same as unregistered version

Airspace Updates



Vector Maps



* SeeYou is not a native Mac application but runs great with Paralells, VMWare Fusion or Bootcamp

Limitations of the Trial version on Mobile platforms

The following restrictions apply if you are using SeeYou on Android without current SeeYou Subscription:





Open flight from Phone/Tablet or SD Card

Demo.igc only

Demo.igc only


Open flight from SeeYou Cloud


7 own and 7 demo flights
from the SeeYou Cloud


Open flight from URL




Labels in SeeYou Cloud




Worldwide maps - also offline




Airspace updates




Loading own Waypoints





Important Upgrade Information

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See what's new in SeeYou

SeeYou Manual (PDF):

Download the latest available version of the SeeYou manual (not always the same as the latest version of SeeYou software):

Download Satellite maps for SeeYou (new window)

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