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Dear Flybubble friend,

If there's one thing we could wish for you, it would be airtime. We hope you get lots this year. Beginning this month. There's nothing like the sound of the wind to whisper through your thoughts and blow away the dross. We've done our best to infuse this newsletter with lots of that sound. That's what all the white space is about, on the sides.

In this edition: we analyze drifting thermals, learn safer Speed Riding, teach Gurkhas to fly and share some equipment insight, tips and amazing films.


Catch the drift: thermals and wind

Holding on to a drifting thermal can be very challenging, but improving this skill can yield exponential gains in airtime. Thermals follow a wandering tilted trajectory as they rise, which can be difficult to map in three dimensions.

Learn more about thermal drift

Thermal drift


Wingtip: Thermaling with others

When thermaling with others, try to follow behind pilots not to the inside of their turn. Rather slow down or widen your turn until they are on the opposite side of the thermal, so you can both help each other with maximising your climb rate.

Learn more about joining thermal traffic >


Speed Riding Safety

Speed Riding Safety

With less predictable snowfall and increasing numbers of free riders year on year, it's easy to see why the discipline of speed riding is gaining in popularity. It enables access to remote and "untracked" parts of the mountain that skiers and boarders can't get to and it's really easy to learn the basics if you're a good skier or paraglider pilot.

Learn more about Speed Riding



^ Photo by Alistair Andrews


First Impressions: Gin EXPLORER

Gin Explorer

We got our first new Gin Explorer demo in early January and Carlo managed to get out and have a brief play in light winds on a very beautiful sunny winter's day. First impressions of the Explorer are that the build quality is excellent, the wing has a very clean shape, the launch characteristics are well-balanced, and handling is responsive and moderately dynamic. Like a lightweight Carrera+ but with a slightly more compact feel.

Read more about the GIN EXPLORER


Story: Teaching Gurkhas to fly

Paragliding in Nepal

Flybubble Team Pilot Alistair Andrews shares the joys of paragliding in Nepal. "After a blinding flying season in 2015, although hopeful, I never expected 2016 to match it. Work was more intense, I spent some time overseas both flying and not, I got married and even lost my job towards the end of the season! I was very lucky to be offered a trip to Nepal to teach some Gurkhas to fly."

Read the story of paragliding in Nepal




We can arrange demos for most models and sizes of wings from Advance, Gin, Niviuk, Nova, Ozone, Skywalk and Sup'Air.


Gin Falcon

Gin's latest reflex PPG wing for intermediate to advanced pilots, the FALCON, reviewed in Paramotor magazine:

"The Falcon can be described as one of the most interesting new releases in the year 2016. The clean workmanship and balanced handling of the glider create enjoyment in the heart of advanced pilots who can also collect their first experiences in competitions with the Falcon. High top speed for longer flights combined with an agile, sportive handling are a good combination. The fun factor is also a big point for the Falcon and whoever is looking a reflex all-rounder and has experience with such wings, will experience great pleasure with the Gin FALCON."

Gin EXPLORER (Performance Class)

Gin Explorer

The DHV test reports for all sizes of the Explorer are now available. We have a demo S (75-95 kg) and have shared some first impressions.

Skywalk Chili 4 XS demo arrives!

Skywalk Chili 4

For maximum performance in the high EN B class, the Chili 4 has a 'decent shark nose' and very sleek appearance. We have a demo S (85-105), M (95-115) and now XS (70-95) available to fly.

Advance Bibeta 6 38 demo in stock

Advance Bibeta 6

Yes, the smaller size of this outstanding tandem wing is available to trial at Flybubble!


Syride varios achieved great things in 2016: 2046 new pilots. 450 flights on one day (16 August). 90,828 GPS tracks. 88 countries.

Syride Pilots' records: Flight time 10H50; Distance 323km; Altitude 8157m.

Check out the full range


Software Updates

The SYS PC Tool has been updated and the SYS'Nav V3 has a new Edit Route menu as well as a new QNE Altitude (flight level). Be sure to check your pilot name and instrument language settings after updating.


We have a large range of harnesses in stock for you to try out, so you can get the perfect fit.

Woody Valley X-Rated 7

Woody Valley X-Rated 7

Two-time Paragliding World Cup Super Final winner Aaron Durogati shared his thoughts about this year's event, and a key part of his equipment: "The PWC Superfinal in Brazil this year was one of the toughest competitions ever. We had good weather conditions for the duration of the event, which meant we flew 10 tasks.

When you fly so much, every single detail of your harness becomes fundamental. The XR7 allows me to face the challenge comfortably, which means I can focus on the flying strategy. Its aerodynamically perfect silhouette has for sure contributed to my overall performance and so the final result. I'm proud of this second victory, and very happy with the equipment that helped me to achieve it."

We have a demo Woody Valley X-Rated 7

Advance Success 4

Advance Success 4

Blending safety and comfort, the new Advance SUCCESS 4 comes with a longer back protector, an additional one for the spine and even has SAS-TEC side crash protection. Check out the new video!

The Success 4 is in stock.


Advance launched their Hoody in Blue (existing colour black) and we have them in stock.

Advance Hoody

Ozone launched a new colour for their Nutshell in Gloss Black and we have them in stock too!

Ozone Nutshell




See all specials >


Second Hand

We have a wide range of second hand kit in stock, mostly from the excellent part-ex deals we offer for new equipment.

Second Hand Paragliders

Second hand paragliders

Second Hand Harnesses

Second Hand Paragliding Harnesses

Second Hand Instruments

Second Hand Instruments

Second Hand Accessories

Second Hand Accessories

Many more items on our online shop >


Parting shots


^ an amazing film, for free

Inspired by Jorge Atramiz and Karl Steslicke (many thanks to Ozone!)

Adventuring in Kyrgyzstan with Fred Souchon

Go on, get some St Andre from Brett Hazlett


Walk Run Fly

Flying takes many forms

It has begun! Pilots were seen escaping from the Devils Dyke with nothing but air in their cells, and going XC. In February. Hooray!

What does it all mean? Cross country? Well, nothing. It's fun.

Someone buzzed over on a paramotor. A joyous girl had her first tandem flight. Some pilots played with their speed wings, while a man with loud sunglasses cranked wingovers on his new acro toy.

Whatever flavour your fun comes in, we're here to help you make the most of it.

Stick your hands in the air ... scratch that ... stick all of you in the air!

Carlo, Nancy, Simon & Greg

The Flybubble Paragliding Crew

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