Niviuk Artik 5 24 (75-95kg) Golden - Brand New, On Sale (NP380986)

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Condition: New

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We have a brand new Niviuk Artik 5 size 24 (75-95kg) colour Golden in stock, now on sale.
We've completed pro dealer checks on this wing. It's ready to buy and fly.
Date of manufacture 04/2018. New condition, a few short flights by Carlo at Flybubble.

To buy contact us or order through our site and we'll be in touch.
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Technical data






cells - number 66 66 66 66
cells - closed 14 14 14 14
cells - box 31 31 31 31
flat - area (m2) 22.2 24 26.3 28.8
flat - span (m) 11.83 12.3 12.87 13.47
flat - aspect ratio 6.1 6.1 6.1 6.1
projected - area (m2) 18.89 20.43 22.37 24.5
projected - span (m) 9.59 9.98 10.43 10.92
projected - aspect ratio 4.86 4.86 4.86 4.86
flattening - % 15 15 15 15
cord - maximum (m) 2.27 2.37 2.48 2.6
cord - minimum (m) 0.62 0.64 0.67 0.7
cord - average (m) 1.88 1.95 2.04 2.14
lines - total meters (m) 257 267 275 288
lines - height (m) 7.2 7.49 7.85 8.21
lines - number 268 268 268 268
lines - main 1+1/2/3 1+1/2/3 1+1/2/3 1+1/2/3
risers (3) A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C A+A'/B/C
risers - trims NO NO NO NO
accelerator - m/m 160 160 160 160
all-up weight - min-max(kg) 60-80 75-95 90-110 105-125
glider weight - standard 4.3 4.7 5 5.3
glider weight - Extra-Light Conf. 4.05 4.45 4.75 5.05
certification EN/LTF (in process) C C C C


Standard colours: Cherimoya (green-black), Golden (gold-blue), Hardos (orange-black), Snowflake (bue-white)

Niviuk Artik 5 colours


Cross Country | EN/LTF C

Just when you thought that nothing could surprise you any more, discover a whole new world of possibilities. The Artik 5 will revolutionise cross-country flying, by perfectly combining excellent performance and comfort, well above all current standards.

When ambition and passion come together, excellence is born. Niviuk's famous grand touring wing is reinvented in a paraglider that has the highest performance with maximum accessibility, ready to take you beyond your imagination on all your cross-country flights.


Cutting-edge Niviuk technology and an innovative design will transform your flights into unique experiences, thanks to unprecedented EN-C performance. Fly for miles on end with a wing that will revolutionise cross-country standards.


Allow yourself to be surprised by a design completely tailored to your needs. Its dynamic and intuitive handling makes the Artik 5 the most accessible wing of its category, taking your experience of flight to the highest level.


On your adventures, stability is your best companion. Thanks to unrivalled damping and rigidity in the air, the wing will always remain solid both when accelerated and in rough air, allowing you always to feel comfortable.

More about Artik 5

Just when you thought that nothing could surprise you any more, discover a whole new world of possibilities. The Artik 5 will revolutionise cross-country flying, by perfectly combining excellent performance and comfort, well above all current standards. Our search for perfection in each facet of flight resulted in a powerful wing which is hungry for adventure. It was created to rediscover the pleasure of flying and take your passion to new heights.

From the first minute, the wing's incredible inflation and immediate load-bearing guarantees a smooth take off. Once in flight, you will be delighted with the accessibility of a wing that understands your needs perfectly. With DRS technology, the integrated ribs flatten the surface and distribute the pressure in the trailing edge more optimally and securely, providing dynamic and intuitive manoeuvrability, better handling and greater control and precision.

Its performance in thermals pushes the bar even higher - the wing hooks in and climbs with an ease that will delight the most demanding pilots. This incredible performance is matched with unparalleled comfort, thanks to the application of the RAM Air Intake technology which ensures optimal maintenance of internal wing pressure, excellent handling and stability at all times and providing the wing with an incredible capacity of damping to reduce sudden canopy movements. In addition, the internal structure has benefited from the inclusion of RSD technology, with individual diagonal panels arranged in radial form, which reduce inertia and deformation.
In the leading edge we use SLE technology, a new structure that gives greater rigidity without compromising the flexibility of the lateral and transverse axes, allowing you to fly at high speeds with high efficiency, stability and minimising deformations. As for the acceleration, the new speed-bar locking system allows the same travel with less effort. It is much more direct and comfortable for the pilot and achieves a smoother flight with a constant speed.

The durability is based on years of research, with the aim of using the most optimal materials for the wing. Its hybrid design with 38gr / m² cloth used for the upper surface and 32gr / m² cloth for the under surface allows a perfect balance between lightness, durability and performance. Thanks to the use of our Nitinol rods, the wing is lighter and also avoids deformations. The profile is taut at all times, without creases or wrinkles, and fully optimised for all flight phases. With 3DL technology we reinforce the longitudinal axis of the wing with extra stitching. Thanks to this reinforced seam at the leading edge, we obtain more consistency and volume in the profile, with a more efficient 3D contour.

In conclusion, the Artik 5 is a wing unique to its category. Compact and agile, it has been designed to revolutionise cross-country flying as we know it. A wing to travel kilometres and kilometres, offering you the best features and unparalleled comfort to experience unforgettable journeys. Designed for non-stop adventure.

*Optional Extra-Light configuration (-250g)
+Risers: Kevlar/Dyneema 12mm
+IKS 1000
+IKS 3000

Product Presentation

Pilot feedback

"What I liked most about the Artik 5 is damping in comparison to the Artik 4. It is a wing that moves much less when you fly in very strong thermals. I also really like its rigidity in the leading edge, allowing you to accelerate more with incredible stability." - Lluís Pol

Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN C
Model Status Current model

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