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Status: Past model

Condition: New

ARTIK P, The legendary Artik design is now also available in a lightweight version derived from and based on the best assets found in the previous models. For the XC, mountain or hike&fly pilots who want to explore new routes and need lightweight compact gear.

Technical data






cells number   63 63 63 63
  closed   10 10 10 10
  box   23 23 23 23
flat area m2 21 23 24.5 26.5
  span m 11.32 11.85 12.23 12.71
  aspect ratio 6.1 6.1 6.1 6.1
projected area m2 17.8 19.5 20.77 22.46
  span m 9.01 9.43 9.73 10.12
  aspect ratio 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6
flattening % 15 15 15 15
cord maximum m 2.28 2.4 2.47 2.56
  minimum m 0.53 0.55 0.57 0.59
  average m 1.85 1.94 2 2.08
lines total meters m 226 237 245 255
  height m 6.9 7.22 7.46 7.75
  number   226 226 226 226
  main   2/3/2 1/1/2/3 1/1/2/3 2/3/2
risers number 3/4 A/B/C A/A'/B/C A/A'/B/C A/B/C
  trims m/m NO NO NO NO
  accelerator m/m 105 150 150 150
total weight min-max kg 60-73kg 60-80kg 75-95kg 90-110kg
glider weight kg 3.2 3.8 4.1 4.5
certification EN/LTF C C C C

Made for adventure

The Artik P has excellent off-road abilities with its lightweight, great trekking portability and excellent performance levels to launch yourself into great flying adventures.

Focused on the pilot

Built with light materials to meet pilots special needs on their quests to the highest conquests.

Better overall experience

Easy to inflate even without wind, with a quite docile behaviour in thermals and less inertia. Are you ready to discover the other side of your dreams?

More about Artik P

When the choice is yours, perhaps you are the type who always seeks the wildest routes, the most challenging paths leading you to far away remote and wonderful places waiting to be discovered. You love exploring walking, running, hiking and, of course, flying.

Your idea of traveling is more than merely moving from one point to the next, but rather experience fascinating trekking/flying adventures without territorial limits.

Each dream begins on a map with a general idea of the task at hand but leaving much to improvisation. Its realisation will depend on your personaly versatility, experience, resilience to overcome those challenges thrown at you anywhere you go.

With a design inspired and shaped by pilots needs, the Artik P combines the best of ultra light efficiency and reliability to make you feel confident under any trekking/flyings circumstance.

It is an off-road glider blessed with an easy going behavior designed for intuitive piloting. The inflation is effortless even in no wind conditions. Its truly gentle personality while thermaling with minimal inertia, makes it a real pleasure to handle. For the most part, it is a wing prioritizing minimal volume and weight while keeping an exceptional degree of performance and speed.
It was outfitted with special risers “LI-NK light system”, ultra-light lines and materials to keep you on the right path to adventure and discovery, turning your dreams to reality.

Artik P, the adventurer.

*LI-NK light System

The LI-NK is an ultralight system to connect the lines to the risers, specially designed for mountain and lightweight gliders. It offers more resistance than the traditional delta metal maillons without the weight.( (Breaking strength LI-NK light System: 1300 kg / Maillón: 800 kg).

The LI-NK light System is 25 times lighter and it is fitted with a locking system providing greater efficiency at maximum load. Dyneema braid stitched together with a locking strap.

Notice: this system has not been proven or officially certified to connect the risers to the harness and/or the rescue parachute to the harness.

Technologies Artik P

SLE (Structured Leading Edge)

The SLE provides more rigidity and stability along the span of leading edge but also allows full flexibility along the both the vertical and horizontal axis of each open cell. The SLE ensures ease of movement on the ground and high security in the air during turbulence and whilst flying at speed.

With the SLE system there is no longer a need to use large amounts of mylar material to achieve leading edge reinforcement. This reduction in material has reduced the weight of the leading edge and the result is precise handling on the ground and easier launches. The SLE also helps to prevent deformation of the leading edge mylars and therefore with correct care will extend the life and efficiency of your glider.

In addition to the SLE, we work on new geometry and layout of the internal reinforcement. This new internal re structuring offers better overall cohesion of the glider and incredible stability during turbulence.

Ram Air Intake

Constant improving
Evolution and constant improving in all our products is the essence of the DNA of Niviuk’s R&D team. Thanks to the new technologies created over recent years, we have conceived new and more evolved and higher performing gliders. In this context the Ram Air Intake technology should be pointed out.

The evolution of Ram Air Intake
Ram Air Intake technology allows an optimal position for the the air intakes (below the leading edge of the glider aligned with the intrados) to creates excellent internal pressure as well as an improving of the laminar flow on intrados. What’s the result? Gaining turbulent air absorption in the leading edge, more consistency in variable speed and a better performance while assuring maximum security. All these features, that can perfectly define an upper category glider, meet on the brand-new Hook 3. Our latest EN-B has born from many years of effort and commitment to develop a top and more effective profile. From our first intake featured including the technology in 2006, the Hook, going through Hook 2 in 2010, to the Hook 3 and Peak 3 in 2013

Technology, a priority for Niviuk
For us, giving importance to small details means continuing working towards our goal. It means keeping focused on technology as a priority. It means provide innovation and quality to all pilots. This way SLE, STE and Ram Air Intake technologies procure the higher level to be at the top of this amazing sport.

DRS (Drag Reduction Structure)

With the Drag reduction Structure technology, the trailing edge has been reinforced with small ribs that that makes this part of the glider flatter in order to spread the pressure out evenly. It means better air-flow and less drag on this important part of the glider.

The addition of these small ribs gives the glider exceptional handling (better and more efficient when turning) and more control and precision. We are convinced that the key to achieve better products is the innovation. Only if we go on looking for new possibilities, we will be able to reach our main goal: enhance the experience of the pilots.

Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN C
LTF Certification LTF C
Model Status Past model

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