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Status: Past model

Condition: New

The all new PEAK 2 is not simply an update of the original PEAK, it is a totally new glider designed and created using the unique Niviuk philosophy and from a clean drawing board.

PEAK 2 - Graceful in flight.

A unique philosophy. The ALL NEW PEAK 2 is not simply an update of the original PEAK, it is a totally new glider designed and created using the unique Niviuk philosophy and from a clean drawing board.

With a new highly efficient line plan, a new profile and a new AR of 6.61 it brings with it a higher range of speed, a more efficient climb rate and an improved glide ratio. The PEAK was a very hard act to follow but with each new detail the PEAK 2 has done just that.The alliance of sport and reason The PEAK 2 carries the very unique Niviuk design DNA and has been created to achieve optimum performance, maximum safety and maximum pilot potential. Niviuk understands the sport of paragliding and the reasons why every pilot feels the need to fly, the PEAK 2 is a glider for both.

Experience the perfect fusion of performance and grace, maximise your potential, fly the PEAK 2. A birth created by passion From the birth of the very first idea through to the design and construction the PEAK 2 has been made with true Niviuk passion. Using competition pilot feedback, the very latest technology and innovations the much improved PEAK 2 is a glider Niviuk are very proud to present to pilots. Words are simply not enough No amount of spoken or written words can fully explain the true Niviuk feel and performance of the PEAK 2 and so the only way to truly understand what we have created is to fly it for yourself.

The goal for the PEAK 2 was set to allow pilots to experience real contact with the air and with improved levels of safety and performance and to be able to discover new and distant horizons.

Niviuk have achieved that goal PEAK 2 ... write your own words in the sky!

Niviuk Peak 2 > Technical Information

Peak 2

22 24 26 28
cells number

73 73 73 73


14 14 14 14


25 25 25 25

flat area m2
22 24 26 28

span m
12,14 12,68 13,2 13,7

aspect ratio

6,7 6,7 6,7 6,7

projected area m2
18,65 20,32 22 23,66

span m
9,46 9,87 10,26 10,63

aspect ratio

4,79 4,79 4,79 4,79

15 15 15 15

cord maximum m
2,28 2,38 2,48 2,57

minimum m
0,38 0,4 0,42 0,44

average m
1,33 1,39 1,45 1,5

lines total meters m
269 280 292 303

height m
6,8 7,1 7,39 7,67


172 172 172 172


3/3/4 3/3/4 3/3/4 3/3/4

risers numbers 3



total weight minimum kg
70 85 95 110
in flight maximum kg
90 105 115 130

glider weight
5,7 6,1 6,6 7,2



Niviuk Peak 2 > Colours

  • Atlant
  • Caron
  • Crow

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EN Certification:

Additional Information

Condition New
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Model Status Past model

Niviuk Peak 2 (PAST MODEL) Reviews

A wonderful, exciting wing. I love it! on 19/04/2012
  • Star Rating
The best wing I've flown. Ever. That's a big statement, as I've flown over 100 wings (and I've seen it all before). The last wing I liked this much was the Airwave Magic (and I bought one straight away). If I was in the market for a wing I wouldn't think twice. Pilots who like feeling in the air, who go flying to get that grin on their face and just to spend time with a wing they love, this is for you. It has a beautiful turn and great handling. It responds to weightshift without rolling into turns too far in the bumps. It gives you a balanced feeling, which gives you the freedom to fine-tune the turns to get exactly what you want from the thermal. The speedbar is smooth and reassuring, the best I've used, and it's loooong - you'll need a big second step on the bar. The only criticisms I could make was that the combination of short, direct brakes and nice light handling could lead heavy-handed pilots to find the stall point earlier than they expect in tricky toplanding or wild air, but I'd much rather it remains designed exactly the way it is - for D class pilots this is fine. The tips get stuck occasionally on launch or if tucked (something to do with the line angle and the reinforcing in the nose) but it's a minor, occasional detail. When using the new technique for tip-tucks (using the outer Bs, not 'big-ears As') you get a sleek, fast swept wing with a stable glide, no flappy tips, and an instant recovery. Overall, it's a wonderful, exciting wing. I love it!

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