Niviuk Peak 5

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Model Status: Current model

EN Certification: EN D

LTF Certification: LTF D

Exceed your limits thanks to the unprecedented performance and accessibility of the new Niviuk Peak 5 (EN D). Get the best out of your XC flights or competitions with a paraglider that will allow you to always be one step ahead, while enjoying your flights to the fullest.

Technical Data






Cells Number   85 85 85 85
Aspect ratio Flat 6.95 6.95 6.95 6.95
Area Flat m2 20.5 22 23.5 25.5
  Projected m2 17.53 18.81 20.1 21.8
Span Flat m 11.94 12.37 12.78 13.31
Chord Max m 2.16 2.23 2.31 2.41
Lines Total m 187 193 200 211
  Main   2/1/3 2/1/3 2/1/3 2/1/3
Risers Number 2+1 A/A'/B A/A'/B A/A'/B A/A'/B
  Accelerator mm 140 140 140 140
Total weight in flight Min-Max Kg 70-85 80-98 92-110 105-125
Glider weight   Kg 5 5.3 5.5 5.8
Certification EN/LTF    D D D D


Standard Colours: Sonic, Phoenix, Jet

Standard Colours Peak: Sonic, Phoenix, Jet

Custom Colours avalible.

Package Includes

  • Peak 5
  • Nkarebag
  • Repair Kit

Note: Backpack not included

Optional extras

Niviuk Peak 5

Cross Country: EN/LTF D

Top performance

A two-liner designed to offer high performance, to satisfy the most demanding pilots and get great results in competitions.

Unprecedented accessibility

The EN D with the most smooth and direct handling in its class. Maximum control and efficiency in all phases of flight.

Maximum comfort

Not only will you exceed your limits, but you will also enjoy it. Fly long distances whilst enjoying maximum comfort and quality of flight.

Unbeatable flying

The new Peak 5 puts you one step ahead of the rest. This new model is the direct heir of the Icepeak Evox with all its features and its communicative spirit. A high-performance wing with unprecedented accessibility within the EN D category.

The Peak 5 is a more balanced and compact paraglider than its predecessor, thanks to the application of the latest Niviuk innovations on the profile and the internal structure. This has permitted greater optimisation which can be seen in terms of performance and speed in-active conditions.

The objective is to be in control of the wing in any circumstance, without the need to reduce the speed, and this is precisely what the Peak 5 achieves by never losing its stability, even at high speed.

All the know-how Niviuk gained during the design of our competition wing has been used to design a profile that uses air movements as a source of energy. In purest Niviuk style, the Peak 5 attacks and scales the different air masses and takes advantage of this inertia to give the pilot a plus in glide and performance.

The 3DL (3D Leading Edge) and 3DP (3D Pattern Cut) technologies have a direct impact on achieving a sharper profile, resulting in perfect tension distribution and eliminating any possible creases in the cloth. The number of attachment points has also been considerably reduced and all these attributes combine to ensure greater performance and durability of the materials.

The profile is also reinforced with Nitinol rods, since they maintain their optimal shape, even after a period of intensive use.

Thanks to Nitinol, and compared to other gliders that use nylon rods, it is not necessary to devote too much attention and effort to pack the wing absolutely perfectly.

The leading edge has been optimised with SLE (Structured Leading Edge) technology and impresses with a perfect finish that allows for better airflow along the entire wingspan. This translates into superior performance in all phases of the flight and together with RAM (Ram Air Intake) technology, a better internal air and pressure feed is achieved with a very low angle of attack that guarantees both the shape and lift even at high speeds.

With the DRS (Drag Reduction Structure) technology, the wing features a sharper and thinner trailing edge, which in turn means optimised flight efficiency, improved handling and much more pleasant flying experience.

New to the Peak 5 is an increase in the total number of cells (from 75 to 85), in order to achieve a more reinforced surface and an optimum tension distribution. In this way, the wing is more solid, compact and smooth.

Another new feature is the simplified ergonomic risers with additional handles which allow efficient rear riser steering, allowing better and more direct piloting in high-speed conditions (new Ergo Handle).

The Peak 5 guarantees more efficient flying and the handling feels precise and firm so that the pilot feels confident and safe. In turn, it is easier to control the pitch at high speeds with active and firm use of the B-risers.

The pilot can concentrate on the flight, feel secure with the glider and keep flying full speed without sacrificing performance to control of the wing. The pitch and roll stability is not affected when reaching high speed or flying in thermals since it enters them efficiently and climbs with extreme ease.

In conclusion, the Peak 5 offers top performance with the maximum of control. A responsive, solid wing with great feedback that allows you to achieve your best in a comfortable and fun way.


3D Leading Edge

Adding an extra seam to the leading edge on the span axis of the glider helps to shape a compact 3D profile and have better connections to the new 3DP front panel's layout.

3D Pattern Cut

The latest glider generation requires a new pattern design and an optimized fabric cutting process based on 3D technology.

Drag Reduction Structure

With the Drag reduction Structure technology, the trailing edge has been reinforced with small ribs that makes this part of the glider flatter to spread the pressure out evenly. It means better air-flow and less drag on this important part of the glider.

RAM Air Intake

Evolution and constant improving in all Niviuk products are the essence of the DNA of Niviuk's R&D team. Thanks to the new technologies created over recent years, Niviuk have conceived new and more evolved and higher performing gliders. In this context, the RAM Air Intake technology should be pointed out.

Structured Trailing Edge

The STE optimises the profile without deforming it. Niviuk can thus obtain less resistance and better performance.

Structured Leading Edge

The SLE provides more rigidity and stability along the span of the leading edge but also allows full flexibility along both the vertical and horizontal axis of each open cell. The SLE ensures ease of movement on the ground and high security in the air during turbulence and whilst flying at speed.

Titanium Technology

Constantly innovating, Niviuk always are on the hunt, looking for the latest and best materials to helps us design optimal products. For this reason, and after an extensive evaluation of its benefits and qualities, Niviuk decided to be the firsts manufacturer to use Nitinol in Niviuk glider line.

Learn more about Niviuk Paraglider Technologies


What are the new features of the Peak 5 in comparison to its predecessor?

This latest version has evolved in terms of performance and stability, making an EN D certified wing remarkably accessible. The pilot will feel more comfortable flying this wing as it has been designed as a benchmark in all aspects of paragliding. It has a greater number of cells and an optimised internal structure. In addition, a new tensioning system has been applied, it has new ergonomic handles and a new and improved wing angle orientation.

Does the increased performance mean a different style of piloting?

It should be noted that the Peak 5 has been designed for XC flights and competitions. Its smooth and direct handling allows the pilot to be in control at each phase of the flight and, therefore, to fly more efficiently. The optimisation of the profile and the internal structure allows the wing to reach high speed without compromising on stability. Therefore, it is not necessary to sacrifice speed in order to gain stability. With this wing, the pilot will have a feeling of great safety and confidence.

What advantages does the fifth generation of the Peak offer?

More performance and less drag mean better speed and glide. The trim speed (without acceleration) is now higher, take off is easy and speed restitution on landing has been improved. Flying is more accessible and fun, while efficiency and control are evident in all phases of flight, which in turn transmits a lot of confidence to the pilot. The wing enters thermals efficiently and climbs easily. It has total stability in pitch and roll, providing essential feedback to the pilot about the movements of the air to help make the most of good lines and thermals.


More Information
Condition New
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model