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SKIN P, conquer the land and the air!

Much more than a single surface glider or merely an ultra-light glider; the Skin P is a real compromise between performance, accesibility, volume and weight which was inconceivable to such degree until now that is!

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Details that matter

Special risers, lightened lines and fabric, including variation in the internal structure to optimise the weight while keeping the same performance benefits.

Total control

Do you want to climb peak after peak carrying minimal weight? Are you looking for impossible takeoffs? Are you one of those pilots landing on any available target? Take full control.

Say yes to efficiency!

In spite of the obvious, the Skin P is a special and unique glider. Rather than limiting its use to descent and downward trajectories only, take advantage of its speed range and great gliding abilities instead. Core thermals, and enjoy the ride!

More about Skin P

The Skin P was born to conquer land and air. It is the alpinists and mountain climbers answer to the carried excess weight versus performance dilemma. With the Skin P not only will you be able to cross any path or glide over any summit, but also will be able to fly far away to distant lands.

Go up, down, up again and down another time. Adventure after adventure, you will discover its incredible potential: extra light, minimal volume and an extraordinary ability to fly.

The Skin P will allow you to reach to any location. Nothing should slow your pace and stop your desire to discover the world.

Ready, set, fly! It inflates easily even in zero wind speed, and able to takes off from the shortest distances. It is efficient, simple to control with a speed range not commonly found with this type of wings before making a soft landing. Flying with peace of mind from one site to the next over and over again is what the Skin P is all about!

Regarding the design: five integrated closed cells at the undersurface reinforce the overall structure and disperse the air flow entry evenly. In other words, it is a sure guaranty to deliver from beginning to end, flight after flight.
All parts were designed in a well executed thought-out process to bring the emergence of a successful glider into existence: risers with LI-NK light system*, lighter and fully unsheathed lines, 27gr fabric added to internal structure variations, optimizing the overall glider weight while keeping the same performance benefits.

The incorporation of the Nitinol as part of the wing's internal structure makes the glider lighter, more compact and with better resistant to deformation.

Enjoy all the Skin P possibilities! Skin P, conquer the land and the air.

LI-NK light System

The LI-NK is an ultralight system to connect the lines to the risers, specially designed for mountain and lightweight gliders. It offers more resistance than the traditional delta metal maillons without the weight.( (Breaking strength LI-NK light System: 1300 kg / Maillón: 800 kg).

The LI-NK light System is 25 times lighter and it is fitted with a locking system providing greater efficiency at maximum load. Dyneema braid stitched together with a locking strap.

Notice: this system has not been proven or officially certified to connect the risers to the harness and/or the rescue parachute to the harness.

Technical data





cells number   39 39 39
  box   39 39 39
flat area m2 16 18 20
  span m 9.38 9.95 10.5
  aspect ratio 5.5 5.5 5.5
projected area m2 13.5 15.2 16.9
  span m 7.46 7.92 8.34
  aspect ratio 4.13 4.13 4.13
flattening % 15 15 15
cord maximum m 2.11 2.24 2.37
  minimum m 0.44 0.46 0.49
  average m 1.71 1.81 1.9
lines total meters m 356 378 399
  height m 5.9 6.3 6.6
  number   388 388 388
  main   3/3/4/2 3/3/4/2 3/3/4/2
risers number 4 A/B/C/D A/B/C/D A/B/C/D
  trims m/m NO NO NO
  accelerator m/m 120 120 120
total weight min-max kg 60-85 70-95 85-110
glider weight kg 1.5 1.8 2.1
certification EN-926-1 EN-926-1 EN-926-1 EN-926-1

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Flybubble's Niviuk Skin P Review by Greg Hamerton

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Condition New
EN Certification EN 926-1 Load Test
Shipping Details 1-3 workdays
Model Status Past model

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