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A lightweight (low fat?) version of the Ozone Saucisse Pack concertina packing bag, to satisfy pilots who find the normal Saucisse too heavy. The main saving is made by using buckles rather than a long zip.

The Saucisse Lite is available in 2 sizes:

  • M: 2.65m, 280g*. Not for some larger wings with thicker chords (see list on Ozone Saucisse Pack).
  • L: 3.24m, 340g*. This fits wings with root chords of between 2.60 and 3.24m.

*Flybubble note: We weighed each size of Ozone Saucisse Lite on our electronic scales, and they showed: M 300g; L 345g.

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Condition New
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model Status Current model

Ozone Saucisse Lite Reviews

Excellent light weight concertina bag on 17/10/2018
  • Star Rating
The Ozone Saucisse Lite is a different and much lighter approach to the concertina bag you’ll want to keep your glider carefully packed, to preserve the life of the reinforcements it has. These reinforcements are not only in the leading edge, but elsewhere in the glider, with some now having “C wires”.

The Saucisse Lite is roughly half the weight of more conventional concertina bags, and therefore will give somewhere in the region of 300g in weight reduction to a hike and fly set up or one where you have a long walk. The Saucisse Lite achieves this by using lighter material for the main body of the bag, and dispensing with a zip. It replaces all fixings on the bag with a system of external straps and clips along the length of the bag. At first glance might not seem as good as the heavier, more featured bags, but can be just as good if used slightly differently. At the top end of the bag, where the hook-and-loop fastener flaps would be that protect the leading edge, the clips and light material do the same job, and are arguably faster to use. Once the leading edge is packed, the other clips can just be fastened whilst the glider is packed away, without the risk of catching anything in a zip. If you detach your glider from the harness there are a couple of elastic loops at the bottom end of the bag to tidy the risers away with. A separate compression strap can create a bundle if you need to.

There’s a little familiarisation period, but once this is over you’ll find that the features on the conventional bags are not missed, and that with a slightly different approach you achieve the same result, but possibly a little bit quicker.

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