Phi ALLEGRO light M (75-95kg) CC2 Orange-Black 0004392I

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EN Certification: EN C

LTF Certification: LTF C


Used Phi ALLEGRO light size M colour CC2 Orange-Black in very good / excellent condition. Only flown by Flybubble Carlo and Nancy for Flybubble testing and review. Includes Gin Concertina Compress Bag worth £85.00.

  • Make: Phi
  • Model: ALLEGRO light (aka ALLEGRO X-alps)
  • Certification: EN C, LTF C
  • Size: M
  • Freeflight certified weight range: 75-95 Kg
  • Colour: CC2 Orange-Black
  • Manufactured: 01/2021
  • Purchased: 04/2021
  • Service Info: 27/02/2023, The Loft Workshop
  • Condition: Very good / excellent
  • Porosity: Very good / excellent
  • Airtime (hrs): 15
  • Includes: Gin Concertina Compress Bag, Phi Inner bag, Phi Riser bag, Phi Compression strap, Spare repair patches.
  • Service Report: Download

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Flybubble reference: 0004392I

Flybubble review

"The ALLEGRO light is the light EN/LTF C certified sports class wing from Phi. Based on Phi's refined lightweight technology, the ALLEGRO light offers exceptional handling and very good performance (especially speed) at low weight and small pack volume. Pilot demands are at the lower end of the C class, with performance rivalling more demanding, mid C wings. However the standout 'feature' of the ALLEGRO light is the exceptionally responsive and agile handling (as with the Phi ALLEGRO, MAESTRO and MAESTRO light). In combination with the new semilight R07 risers, the ALLEGRO light offers a fantastic and outstandingly fun flying experience!" - Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

Watch the Flybubble review video of the Phi ALLEGRO light:

Other reviews

"Conclusion: The Allegro X-Alps [sic] with its Harmonica bag can be packed small due to fewer rods inside that glider. A cool companion for hike and XC fly. I think loading the X-Alps version will be best for a more compact feel, as the original could be flown at mid-range easily. Try both versions to see your preference." "The C steering is quite efficient and the feel of a pressurized C handle like on a 2 liner! I could stop the glider surges efficiently with that C steering. A very powerful tool!" - Ziad Bassil, Dustoftheuniverse (full review)

Pilot feedback

"What a glider! Agile, responsive to small inputs, especially weight shift. Stable and FAST. C riser steering is great! Speed bar is easy. Into wind gliding is incredible." - happy ALLEGRO owner

"Very good, agile, fast. Very good glide and easy to fly." - happy ALLEGRO owner

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EN Certification EN C
LTF Certification LTF C
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