Phi ALLEGRO M (75-95kg) Purple-White 0002753H

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EN Certification: EN C

LTF Certification: LTF C


Used Phi ALLEGRO size M colour Purple-White in very good condition. Ex-demo wing. Includes a Supair COMPACT CASE size S.

  • Make: Phi
  • Model: ALLEGRO
  • Certification: EN C, LTF C
  • Size: M
  • Freeflight certified weight range: 75-95 Kg
  • Colour: Purple-White
  • Manufactured: 05/2020
  • Purchased: 06/2020
  • Service Info: Not serviced as very new and low usage
  • Condition: Very good
  • Porosity: Very good
  • Airtime (hrs): 20
  • Includes: Original rucksack, Inner bag, Riser bag, Compression strap, Supair COMPACT CASE S, Spare repair patches


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Flybubble reference: 0002753H

Full product details:

This actual wing is seen in the following Flybubble review:

ALLEGRO pilot feedback

"I would agree with all the comments that Carlo and Nancy make about the Allegro [in their Allegro review video]. I went from an Artik 4 to the Allegro. So it was a drop in Aspect Ratio but no drop in performance. The thing that I really noticed was making turns. It has a real ability to make fast efficient turns. The speed system goes on very smoothly which is an added bonus. Great wing for its class." - John Turczak

"John Turczak yep, agree totally with them and you. I dropped from a high C (which I usually preferred) to the low C Allegro and was very impressed with it instantly on my test flight. So many great aspects in one wing is quite rare. I bought it without hesitation. It really is a fantastic glider." - Kym Fielke

"Brilliant review thanks Carlo and Nancy. I agree with every single point you spoke off. I decided to buy the Allegro only 30 seconds after launching on the test flight. I never had that instant connection with my previous high EN C gliders; I just learnt to like them. The playfulness, speed, tight-but-flat and efficient turning ability along with the lift bite you spoke of was all apparent within the first 5 mins of launching. It really is a great fun+performance low EN C glider that Hannes has produced." - Kym Fielke

"What a glider! Agile, responsive to small inputs, especially weight shift. Stable and FAST. C riser steering is great! Speed bar is easy. Into wind gliding is incredible." - another happy ALLEGRO owner

"Very good, agile, fast. Very good glide and easy to fly." - another happy ALLEGRO owner

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EN Certification EN C
LTF Certification LTF C
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