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SCALA X-alps, the revolutionary 2x2 liner by PHI. Super light. Super performing. Climbing and racing are her strengths! She is a true beauty!

PHI 22/03/2021: "Production of size 18 is starting now. Size 19 is given to certification. More sizes and the heavier version will follow."

Technical data

name (size)S (18)M (19)
certified weight range (kg) 65-85 75-100
flat area (m²) 20.56 22
projected area (m²) 17.71 18.95
flat aspect ratio 6.77 6.77
projected aspect ratio 5.07 5.07
number of cells 78 78
total line length (m) 187 193
weight (kg) 3.35 3.45
flat span (m) 11.8 12.20
projected span (m) 9.48 9.8
line length (m) 6.95 7.19
maximum chord (m) 2.28 2.36
minimum chord (m) 0.11 0.11
certification (EN/LTF) D D
risers R09 R09
riser length (mm) 540 540
speedway (mm) 165 180


Standard colours: CC01 (White-Red); CC02 Red-White

Phi SCALA X-alps standard colours: CC01 (White-Red); CC02 Red-White


Glider, backpack, compression strap, inner bag.

The included backpack is simple, basic, light, compact, and robust.

Optional extras

  • Phi ExAct backpack

Phi SCALA X-alps: the revolutionary 2x2 liner

SCALA X-alps: revolutionary 2x2 liner

The revolutionary 2x2 liner from PHI! Superlight and top performing, the SCALA X-alps has outstanding climbing abilities! The ultimate ultralight racing machine for ambitious and discerning pilots.

Pilots who've flown the SCALA X-alps report that the pilot demands are low D, with the performance of a standard weight high D! The graphic below illustrates where the SCALA X-alps and SCALA (standard weight version, in development) fit within the current PHI range of wings.

Phi range with SCALA X-alps & SCALA

Designer's notes

Over three years ago we began with the A class wing SYMPHONIA. Then we stepped up class by class and finished 68 wings so far! Now we are reaching the D class.

Here is our first EN D wing: the SCALA X-alps. It is a radical 2x2 liner. Nothing else than a radical and very efficient design has always been expected of us.

Thanks to our test pilots, Mike Kueng and Benjamin Horburger, Chris Gossner on the sewing machine, and of course the very fast team at Aerodynamics Sri Lanka, we managed to certify our "dream machine" in time for the 2021 X-Alps competition!

SCALA X-alps is super light and super performing.

Climbing and racing are her strengths.

And of course, she is a beauty!

- Hannes Papesh


Why "2x2 liner"?

The SCALA X-alps "2x2liner" because it has only 4 main lines per side (2x2, 2A and 2B), where standard "2 liners" have 6 main lines per side (2x3, 3A and 3B). As per other wings, plus the stabilo and brake lines, of course.

Count the lines of the SCALA X-alps in the photo below.

SCALA X-alps: the revolutionary 2x2 liner

The SCALA X-alps has only 6 lower gallery lines in total:

  • 4 main lines (2x2);
  • 1 stabilo line; and
  • 1 brake line.

Standard "2 liners" have 8 lower gallery lines in total:

  • 6 main lines (2x3); 
  • 1 stabilo line; and
  • 1 brake line.

Having a third fewer main lines than standard 2-liners, the SCALA X-alps lines are thicker, to allow for the extra load, but overall there is still a significant saving in parasitic drag!

Why revolutionary?

The SCALA is the first certified 2x2 liner, hence why it's a truly revolutionary wing.


Porcher Skytex 27 double coated.


To follow.

SCALA X-alps: revolutionary 2x2 liner


  • To follow.

Additional Information

Condition New
Activity Paragliding
Model Status Current model
EN Certification EN D
LTF Certification LTF D
Shipping Details When in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page

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