Drag Parachutes

Small parachutes which increase descent rate and reduce G forces during spiral dives. These are particularly effective with high aspect ratio wings and are recommended for pilots who fly with a competition harness and glider.
  • Gin G-chute (Anti-G Drag Parachute)

    Gin G-chute (Anti-G Drag Parachute)

    The G-chute is a small "anti-G" type drag parachute which reduces the G forces which occur during spiral dives, enabling the pilot to achieve a higher descent rate with fewer turns.
  • Gin G-chute Pocket

    Gin G-chute Pocket

    Special deployment bag for attaching the Gin G-chute (Anti-G Drag Parachute) to any paragliding harness.
  • Ozone Anti-G

    Ozone Anti-G

    Have you ever blacked out during a steep spiral dive before? Or, have you never had the courage to spiral so steeply? Well, whatever make of wing you fly, regardless of whether you have been spiralling too hard or not hard enough, the Anti-G will change your life – for the better. The Anti-G is a safety device that allows safer spiral descents by reducing G Force in a spiral dive. It is simple and easy to use, and is particularly effective for higher aspect ratio wings.