Fast Packing (Stuff) Bags

Paraglider quick stuff sacks and fast pack bags for paragliding (PG), free flight, paramotoring, powered paragliding (PPG), FLPA (Foot Launched Powered Aircraft), speed flying, speed riding and others uses...
  • Advance FASTPACK

    Advance FASTPACK

    FASTPACK – fast, practical, light

    Would you rather be flying or packing? This quick-pack rucksack helps you concentrate on the essentials - flying. At 900 gm the FASTPACK is a light but robust packing system that leaves nothing to be desired. Numerous features make it an essential accessory, especially when that second flight might make all the difference.

  • Rear and front views | Advance FASTPACK BI fast packing bag

    Advance FASTPACK BI

    Practical, fast, FASTPACK BI

    When every move counts it’s simplicity that pays off. With the FASTPACK BI stowing all your tandem gear is up to six minutes quicker than with a regular tandem rucksack - minutes that make a difference for professional tandem flyers. This might mean catching the last lift and flying another passenger, or grabbing a coffee in the meantime ...

  • Gin Fast Packing Bag 2

    Gin Fast Packing Bag 2

    Fast packing stuff bag for convenient and easy packing of glider and harness, large enough for tandem equipment.
  • Gin Fast Packing Bag Light 2

    Gin Fast Packing Bag Light 2

    Light-yet-durable version of the Gin fast packing bag.
  • Gin SF fast packing bag

    Gin SF fast packing bag

    The SF (Speed Flying) fast packing bag is very useful to carry your bundled Nano or Fluid while skiing to lifts between runs... also perfect for the Bobcat or other speedflying gliders.
  • Kortel Tandem Bag II

    Kortel Tandem Bag II

    XL stuff sack, big enough for full tandem kit, which transforms into a rucksack.
  • Niviuk Koli Bag

    Niviuk Koli Bag

    The Koli Bag is a fast packing backpack-like bag. Ideal for both paragliding and paramotor. It targets pilots wanting to quickly and easily pack their glider.
  • Niviuk Koli Pro

    Niviuk Koli Pro

    Capacity, speed and comfort, there is space for everything in the Koli Pro.
  • Nova CITO Fast Packing Bag

    Nova CITO Fast Packing Bag

    The CITO combines the advantages of a good paraglider backpack with the ones of a fast packing bag.
  • Ozone EASY BAG +200L (Fast Packing Bag)

    Ozone EASY BAG +200L (Fast Packing Bag)

    Giant stuff sack with compressions straps and padded shoulder / waist straps.
  • Ozone Sombrero

    Ozone Sombrero

    The new Ozone Sombrero is a cover to protect your wing during the inevitable parawaiting sessions that we all endure from time to time.
  • Stock colours may vary from pictures, depending on available materials.

    Skywalk Storage Bag Plus

    Lightweight, robust paraglider fast packing and storage bag with draw-string, carry handles, compression strap and mesh inserts for ventilation.
  • Stock colours may vary from pictures, depending on available materials.

    Supair Storage Solo

    Lightweight nylon stuff-sack designed to pack away your wing quickly and easily. Features carrying handles, closing cord, compression strap and mesh ventilation panels.
  • Supair Tandem Stuff-Bag

    Supair Tandem Stuff-Bag

    Rapide to open, stuff and close. Ideal to easily ball-up and pack a tandem wing with harnesses. Carries like a backpack.