Small Bags & Rucksacks

Small rucksacks and day pack bags for paragliding (PG), hang gliding (HG), free flight, paramotoring, powered paragliding (PPG), powered hang gliding (SPHG), FLPA (Foot Launched Powered Aircraft), speed flying, speed riding and other uses...
  • Advance Cushion

    Advance Cushion

    The ADVANCE cushion is the ultimate attention-getter for your sofa!
  • Amaranth-Anthracite

    Advance Daypack 20L

    Take your flying passion along with you in everyday life! The new Daypack in four trendy colour combinations is the ultimate accessory for pilots and in-people.
  • Colours: Anthracite-Fire Red | Pacific Blue-Spectra Green

    Advance DAYPACK 3

    From the outside the DAYPACK 3 looks like the COMFORTPACK 3’s little brother, but the inside was specially designed for both everyday use and leisure time.
  • Advance Lightbag. Note: The colour scheme is random therefore there is no colour choice.

    Advance Lightbag

    This small ultralight rucksack has plenty of room inside, convenient for general use.
  • Advance Womens Bag

    Advance Womens Bag

    Stylish, colourful, and just a bit hip - this is the bag with women in mind!
  • Niviuk Kargo P

    Niviuk Kargo P

    Kargo P. Never before could you imagine going out to fly like this!


    Simple ultra-light backpack made from lightweight packable material.
  • Ozone V18 Day Pack

    Ozone V18 Day Pack

    18 litre day pack. This is a smaller version of the V24 without the padded laptop case.
  • Ozone V24 Backpack

    Ozone V24 Backpack

    Ozone padded backpack with laptop case with 24 litre capacity - great for travelling!
  • Ozone V30 Travel Backpack

    Ozone V30 Travel Backpack

    The V30 is the latest addition to Ozone's range of travel backpacks.
  • Ozone Washbag 2012

    Ozone Washbag 2012

    Multifunctional and compact - Ideal as a wash bag, tool kit or instrument storage bag.
  • Supair City Bag

    Supair City Bag

    Versatile small rucksack. So you can have a Sup'Air pack even in town.
  • Woody Valley Top Pocket

    Woody Valley Top Pocket

    The Top Pocket gives your Voyager Plus extra storage space and also doubles up as a small lightweight rucksack with front net pocket. It's a great way to bring all your precious things with you and not to leave them unattended with your Voyager Plus rucksack.