Hang Gliding Books

A selection of the best hang gliding books available.
  • Best Flying Sites of The Alps (Book)

    Best Flying Sites of the ALPS 2011

    The Alps region offers great conditions above high mountains and amazing scenery to explore.

    This complete guidebook for hang glider and paraglider pilots details the best flying sites in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France, carefully selected for their unique advantages.

    With large-format photos, detailed maps and 300 pages of info, this is the key to unlock the secrets of the whole Alps region.

  • BHPA Flight Log Book

    BHPA Flight Log Book

    This BHPA Flight Log Book is perfect for logging your flights with all the right columns. If you're doing a BHPA approved paragliding course then you need to log all of your flights and training as part of the course, and this BHPA Flight Log Book is ideal for this.
  • BHPA Pilot Handbook

    BHPA Pilot Handbook

    The BHPA Pilot Handbook, written by BHPA Technical Manager Mark Dale, should be carefully studied by all qualified Club Pilots! The book includes basic and advanced techniques, flight theory, specialist 'how-to' and background studies that any Paragliding or Hang Gliding pilot will require from Club Pilot training onwards. Every paraglider, hang glider and paramotor pilot should not only have this book, but they should study it conscientiously!
  • Cross-Country Flying - front cover

    Cross-Country Flying

    Cross-Country Flying is the book for everyone who wants to learn how to fly cross-country flying, from beginner to pro.
  • Fifty Ways to Fly Better (English)

    Fifty Ways to Fly Better (English)

    Fifty Ways to Fly Better is packed with the latest techniques and thinking from some of the world’s best pilots and instructors.

  • Performance Flying

    Performance Flying

    Performance Flying by Dennis Pagen is the bible for all XC and competition pilots. It's an immense resource on advanced hang gliding, with the emphasis on high-end distance flying and competition tactics. Few of the rules for success have changed since this book was first published in 1994. Performance Flying has also found many fans in paragliding.
  • Pilot's Weather

    Pilot's Weather

    One of the most comprehendible weather books on the market, ‘Pilot’s Weather’ breaks down subjects that many others present as complex and confusing and delivers them to the reader in an easy to digest manner. The cover strap line that reads ‘a commonsense approach to meteorology’ is a highly accurate description and Brian Cosgrove’s hardback book explains all of the fundamental aspects of meteorology that every one of us, from farmer to free flyer, needs to know.
  • Secrets of Champions

    Secrets of Champions

    Secrets of Champions gives valuable insights into the flying tactics and theories of the world's best hang glider pilots. 210 pages of utterly incredible revelations from the world's cream of the crop. Dennis Pagen rounds up seventeen top pilots and sets out to unveil the flying tactics, rules-of-thumb, psychology and meteorological theories of the world's best. The result: the most comprehensive learning experience you'll ever have.
  • Thermal Flying (second edition) - front cover

    Thermal Flying

    This second edition of the best-selling Thermal Flying book by Burkhard Martens has 32 additional pages, including additional articles from top pilots and Thermik Magazine, and many updates and new images throughout the book.

    Thermal Flying is a comprehensive guide to the art of thermaling and XC flying, illustrated with clear diagrams and photos to help pilots make sense of the concepts, techniques and meteorology knowledge you need to make the most of each flying day.

  • Towing Aloft

    Towing Aloft

    The bible for all flatland paragliding and hang gliding pilots wanting to "get high on their own supply". Useful advice by Dennis Pagen and Bill Bryden for paraglider and hang glider pilots wanting to get into towing. From ATOL, through winching to aerotow, the equipment and techniques you need are revealed.
  • Understanding the Sky: A Sport Pilot's Guide To Flying Conditions

    Understanding the Sky: A Sport Pilot's Guide To Flying Conditions

    As cross country pilots, observation and analysis of the ever-changing conditions is crucial if we are to stay in the air and maximise our distances. 'Understanding the Sky' will help you unlock the potential of every flying day and recognise potential dangers. Get the most out of your flying by studying extremely useful flying weather book!