Speed Arms & Tops

Speed arms, speed shirts and rash vests, to help reduce drag.
  • Colour: Orange

    Advance Speedarms

    A useful accessory for distance hounds and cross country enthusiasts! The ADVANCE Speedarms keep the jacket or flying suit underneath perfectly smooth and close to the body, while retaining maximum freedom of movement.
  • Gin Speed Jacket

    Gin Speed Jacket

    As worn by GIN team pilots for an aerodynamic shape and comfort in competitions, our new Speed jacket features an improved fit and finish compared to the previous version and is also available in an additional size.
  • Niviuk Speedarm

    Niviuk Speedarm

    Thanks to its proved quality and comfort, the Niviuk Speedarm has become one of the indispensable clothing items for most pilots. Designed to cover the special requirements of our sport, the speedarm comes back with a new look in two different colour versions.
  • Ozone Speedarms Top

    Ozone Speedarms Top

    Designed from stretchy Lycra to go over your flying clothes to keep your top half tidy, streamlined and warmer, the Ozone Speed Top is a must for most pilots or race buggy riders.