Instrument Protection

Bags, cases & covers (including Perspex covers) to protect your instruments.
  • Aircotec XC-Etui - XC-Trainer Pouch

    Aircotec XC-Etui - XC-Trainer Pouch

    Pouch for XC-Trainer.
    Now £1.60 Was £8.00
  • Flytec Instrument Pouch

    Flytec Instrument Pouch

    Transport protection pouch for Flytec instruments.
  • Flytec PlexiCover S

    Flytec PlexiCover S

    These PlexiCovers not only protect your Alti-Vario and screen from being broken, they also help protect the screen from getting scratched and buttons from being pushed accidentally when packed away - which can mean flat batteries when you next turn your instrument on to go flying!
  • Flytec Softcase

    Flytec Softcase

    Softcase for flight instruments.
  • Naviter Leather Case

    Naviter Leather Case

    Protective case for Oudie 3, 3+, 4 Basic and 4, and Element Speed and Element Track.
  • Naviter Oudie Stylus

    Naviter Oudie Stylus

    Stylus for Naviter Oudie 3, Oudie 3+, Oudie 4 Basic and Oudie 4.
  • Naviter Oudie Stylus 5 Pack

    Naviter Oudie Stylus 5 Pack

    Pack of 5 styli for Naviter Oudie 3, Oudie 3+, Oudie 4 Basic and Oudie 4.
  • Perspex Instrument Covers

    Perspex Instrument Covers

    Specially designed Perspex covers for various flight instruments and GPS, to protect the instrument and screen from being broken or scratched, and the buttons from being damaged or pushed accidentally when packed away.
    Now £0.98 Was £20.00