Modules & Add-ons

Modules and add-ons for flight instruments for paragliding, hang gliding, free flight, powered paragliding (PPG), paramotoring, powered hang gliding and hot-air ballooning.

  • Flymaster M1

    Flymaster M1

    The Flymaster M1 turns any Flymaster flight instrument into an onboard motor management system for powered aircraft. The M1 Motor gathers information precisely from several sensors connected to the motor, recording this data and sending it via an RF interface to Flymaster instruments.

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  • Flymaster Micro SD Card with AGL data & Airspaces

    Flymaster Micro SD Card with AGL data & Airspaces

    Micro SD card with Above Ground Level (AGL) data and airspaces for the new SD range of Flymaster Avionics flight instruments with GPS.

    NB: You can download the AGL data and airspaces files for free and copy them on to an SD card (see instructions) however the total size of these files is 10.2 GB i.e. HUGE so this may take a very long time to do, and you may incur charges from your internet service provider. It's the AGL data files which are HUGE; the airspace files are small.

    Flymaster World Airspaces

    Airspace changes regularly therefore the airspace files are regularly updated which means that the SD card may not have the latest airspace file on it. The airspace files are small so it's quick and easy to download these for free from the Flymaster website:

    Download the latest world airspace file (world.frd) for SD series here.

    All the latest airspace files for SD series are available to download here.


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  • Flymaster TASProbe - True Air Speed for Paragliding and Hang Gliding

    Flymaster TAS Probe

    The Tool for Accuracy

    A streamlined instrument with a built in airspeed measurement probe and a high resolution temperature sensor for thermal sniffing, boosting the performance of the Flymaster instrument range.

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