Light Paragliding Harnesses

Harnesses for paraglider pilots who want to keep the weight of their kit down but don't want to compromise other important aspects (e.g. protection, comfort and/or durability) too much.

Weight criteria (for medium size): Harness only: 3 to 5 Kg. Reversible Harness-Rucksack: 3.5 to 5.5 Kg.

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  • Advance AXESS 3 AIR

    Advance AXESS 3 AIR

    The AXESS 3 AIR is a very light and comfortable compact harness, with a Hybrid Airbag. As a genuine allrounder this harness is ideally suited for both leisure pilots and beginners. The AXESS 3 AIR makes pure enjoyment of hours-long thermaling flights.
  • Advance PROGRESS 2 - harness mode

    Advance PROGRESS 2

    PROGRESS 2 - Uncompromisingly unique

    The PROGRESS 2 is the first reversible harness without compromises. It is extremely light (3.5 kg*) and has both built-in reserve system and certified airbag. The perfect look is included. Unique for the PROGRESS 2 are feedback damping in the air and freedom of movement on the ground. All in all, this product is the compact, all-round solution for the recreational pilot.

    Now £749.00 Was £799.00
  • Fusion Yellow-Dark Shadow

    Advance PROGRESS 3

    Extremely comfortable all-in-one reversible paragliding harness-rucksack equipped with tried-and-tested removable air-foam hybrid protector, providing full protection from the very start of takeoff, and integrated under-seat reserve container.
  • Coffee Brown-Fusion Yellow | Pacific Blue-Fire Red

    Advance SUCCESS 4

    SUCCESS 4: Safety & Comfort First

    The SUCCESS 4 is more than just a new addition to the popular SUCCESS family: its outstanding level of safety - far exceeding the general protector certification criteria – makes it something special. Its perfect seating geometry and a stylishly clean silhouette recommends this modern sports harness to those leisure and cross country pilots who value comfort combined with low aerodynamic drag.

    See our Flybubble review and video

  • Gin Genie Lite 2

    Gin Genie Lite 2

    The Genie Lite 2 is for sport and XC pilots who want a light cocoon harness with all the essential features and no compromises in comfort.
  • Gin Gingo 3

    Gin Gingo 3

    All-round harness for leisure, sport and XC pilots.
  • Gin Gingo Airlite 2

    Gin Gingo Airlite 2

    The Gingo Airlite 2 is a high quality versatile airbag harness with seat plate and underseat rescue container. Suitable for beginners, leisure and XC pilots, the Gingo Airlite 2 offers an ideal blend of security, comfort and convenience. One of the lightest harnesses of its type, the compact and lightweight package weighs around 3.5kg.
  • Gin Verso 2

    Gin Verso 2

    The Verso is a reversible airbag harness with carbon seat plate and underseat rescue container. The Verso offers comfort, safety and convenience in a compact, lightweight package. The Verso is well-suited to leisure pilots, hike 'n fly pilots and travellers, yet is comfortable enough to be used on long cross-country flights.

    Special offer: Add Gin Verso 2 and Gin Verso 2 Quick Release Footstrap to your shopping basket for a special package price!

  • Kortel Karma II

    Kortel Karma II

    The Karma II has been designed by Kortel to be used as a main harness for intensive use, completely adapted to the pilot’s morphology in any position. The V system is easier to use and much more progressive, greatly improving the precision of the feedback to the pilot. By improving the transition from an upright to a seated position we avoid the need for the pilot to use his hands to get correctly seated in the harness. The Karma II incorporates a permanent airbag system, called the Krash Box. As soon as the harness is unpacked the protector is effective thanks to a foam structure which gives the protector its shape and volume.
  • Kortel Kool

    Kortel Kool


    The Kool has been designed in collaboration with paragliding teachers. The design has been optimized the use in school, but it will be perfectly adapted to make its first XC flights.

  • Kortel Kuik II (Core)

    Kortel Kuik II

    Kortel: "The Kuik II is in our opinion the first split leg harness that comes close to traditional harnesses in terms of feel and comfort. Its modular design makes it accessible to all. The Kuik II concept is almost an entire range of harnesses in one."

    From: £489.00

    To: £1,972.99

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  • Ozone Oxygen2

    Ozone Oxygen2

    The Oxygen2 harness is a sleek and clutter-free lightweight harness that is easy to use, with a focus on sensitivity and comfort with no compromise on safety. The O2 is constructed with carefully chosen materials of the highest quality to ensure a long life span and highly durable good looks.
  • Skywalk CULT4

    Skywalk CULT4

    The new all-round harness from Skywalk, the CULT4 features force distribution frame, side protectors, variable back length and buckle safety sliders!
  • Supair Access Airbag

    Supair Access Airbag

    Upright seating posture, easy transition from running to seating, reinforced bottom support, light, AirBag protection and large dorsal storage compartment. The perfect teaching tool.
  • Supair Access Back

    Supair Access Back

    Easy in/out, durable, light, upright pilot position, medium density foam protection. Ideal first harness.
  • Harness side view

    Supair AltiRando 3

    Comfortable reversible harness with integrated under-seat reserve container.
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