Mountain Paragliding Harnesses

Extreme lightweight 'mountain' paragliding harnesses, for pilots who want to save every gram and are prepared to compromise other important aspects (e.g. protection, comfort, durability) to achieve this. Some of these harnesses are only suitable for pilots wanting something minimalistic for short flights, whilst others are surprisingly comfortable and can be flown for longer.

Weight criteria (for medium size): Harness only: Less than 1.5 Kg. Reversible Harness-Rucksack: Less than 2 Kg.

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  • Kortel Kruyer III

    Kortel Kruyer III

    Kortel Kruyer III, lightness and comfort. The Kruyer III has been reworked and now integrates a moulded 3D geometry! This technology offers unequalled comfort for a harness of this weight. It is also equipped with the exclusive "Konnect" loop system.

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